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  1. The223Shooter

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    The 123gr Hornady Amax perform well from my 6.5x47 Lapua - very accurate and effective at distance.
  2. Bump Need these gone, open to reasonable offers.
  3. It will take the Remington Varmint contour barrels. I fitted it to my VSSF II at one point, tight but still free floating. Bottom metal is black. Postage included for £90.
  4. The223Shooter

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

  5. The223Shooter

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

    That sounds great Craig. Saw a guy with one that did just that during a competition in the states. He reckoned sliding it back onto the barrel and allowing the mod to cool after long strings of fire extended its life. Definitely interested in one when you get the materials together!
  6. The223Shooter

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

    Saw these on your IG and very impressed mate! Running a brake on my new 6.5x47 Lapua build but will be in touch once I pick up a mod if you start to take orders. Question, can the cover be slid back onto the barrel to allow mod to cool between strings etc?
  7. Hi All, Few bits for sale. HS Precision Stock for a Remington 700 S.A. It comes with bottom metal / internal box mag suitable for .223 Rem, etc. Picatinny rail on the forend to suit Atlas bipods. Some minor scratches but good condition overall. £240 Classic Style wooden stock for Remington 700 S.A. with bottom metal / internal box mag suitable for .308, etc. (not shown). £90 Rifle Slip suitable for slimline hunting rifles / .22lr. £30 All prices include P&P within Ireland / UK. Advertised elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
  8. The223Shooter

    2014 Accuracy International Rifles

    Has a price been released for extra barrels for the AT? (E.g. .308 / .260). TIA!
  9. The223Shooter

    Wanted: Kahles 624i / S&B PMII

    Hi all, My Kahles order has been set back again and I'm in need of a scope asap. I'm aware I may be looking for hens teeth here but the below would be considered if anyone has one they wish to part with: 1. Kahles 624i, 0.1Mil clicks with the illuminated Mil 4 reticle in FFP. 2. S&B PMII 5-25x56, 0.1Mil clicks, Illuminated P4L fine reticle in FFP. 3. Other S&B's that fit the specs above considered also. Drop me a pm if you have anything. Cash waiting for the right scope, thanks for looking!
  10. The223Shooter

    Wanted: 34mm Rings

    Got sorted, thanks for all replies and pms.
  11. The223Shooter

    Camel Bak

    I'll take this if still available. Drop me a pm with payment details if so. Thanks!
  12. The223Shooter

    Wanted: 34mm Rings

    Hi all, Should be taking delivery on a Khales 624i in the next few weeks and am in the market for some 34mm rings. Said I'd check here before buying new.. preferably badger, third eye tactical, etc. Drop me a pm with what you have, thanks!

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