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  1. Hi there, Tried to PM you but says you can't receive messages. Interested in the pair of 10rd ARC Mags you're selling. Can you provide me with height measurement? I'm running AI 10rd mags in a KRG Whiskey 3 but find they sit too low and cause feeding issues if any pressure is put on the mag. Would take these if they're considerably shorter. Thanks, Michael
  2. PM sent, I'll take it
  3. I'll take this - please pm payment details, thanks!
  4. No experience with having them repaired but I have a Kestrel 4000NV going cheap if you can't fix it and you're looking to replace it. Regards, Michael
  5. Selling a Harris BR 1A2 6-9" Ultralight bipod - £70 GBP posted.
  6. Bump - final price drop on the Kestrel £100GBP posted.
  7. Bump - open to reasonable offers
  8. Another vote for line marker spray for all the reasons Tiff noted above. I've been using it in White, Red and Yellow for years - incredibly quick to dry and very easy touch up shots without having to respray the entire plate.
  9. The223Shooter

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    If you are after a quick change feature similar to the AT then take a look at the West Texas Ordnance Switchlug. I've just had one added to my rifle to allow switching between 308 Win and 6 Creed. You can literally swap a barrel inside a minute. I haven't had an opportunity to test for repeatable return to zero, etc. yet but the .308 barrel is shooting as accurately as it was before being recut for the switchlug. Not sure if they do one to fit your action..

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