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  1. With some work can it be used for a long action?

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    Came across a nice RPA rangemaster 338 s/h. Has anyone had any considerable time behind one, build quality, issues any recommendations? What's warranty like on these and if you need anything from RPA, how easy is that?

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    I emailed RPA tonight with a few questions to find out if its possible to have a second bolt with 308w bolt face at about 9pm to their defence email shown on their defence website and 15mins later Mr Markham replied back to me - wow that's something
  4. wanted as above Sinclair neck micrometer, digital or Micrometer type. Redding T7 press
  5. Wanted as above
  6. Burris HD 20-60 mag. It also comes with a 30x MOA ret or MIL just like vortex used to offer and for the money thats great its also illuminated with fast fire for easy target location. I had leaupold tactical with tmr 12-40x60 great compact kit but only mils thats why i sold it. I like the reticle in th minox spotter really nice but its mils only.
  7. Has anyone tested any of the target cameras like caldwell, targetvision and bullseye at 500yards or more? Struggling to see impacts in the heat when doin load testing past 300yards in the mediterranean weather.
  8. Interesting system Vince, seems ideal for a range setup though. Where we shoot its more like a large field than a dedicated range setup so the others like target vision are more appealing as they capture the shot and also record the hits in the order they happened, great if youre also using that data in co junction with magneto readings for some serious load dev work as you taught me;)
  9. this model i believe is gen 1, 20 inch barrel 308w excl. optics
  10. Ronin, any idea what the folding stock version go for 2nd hand?
  11. As far as i know only vortex did an MOA eyepiece and am looking for one of them 30x reticle eyepieces
  12. SRGNXL

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    Looking for a custom action rem 700LA footprint to build a 300Norma switch barrel version to 308win bolt face. Must have integral recoil lug and ideally repeater. Which action would you opt for and why?
  13. SRGNXL

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    So it seems the mausingfield is the one to go for if wanting the possibility to have a repeater action which can do all bolt faces. Bottom metal and all thats around almost 2k for the action. Are there more action options if the gun is a single shot action with 2 bolts on a rem700 clone action?
  14. SRGNXL

    Surgeon XL action

    Anyone got a Surgeon XL action wishing to sell or anyother action that comes with 2 bolts or can switch boltface?
  15. SRGNXL

    Surgeon XL action

    Big horn wont take a 338lm/300Norma case head right? They told me a 28nosler is the biggest i can run in it.
  16. SRGNXL

    Seb joypod

    As above
  17. SRGNXL

    Surgeon XL action

    Indeed will be a surgeon xl or a big horn theyre both well made. Had a surgeon xl in the past and loved it
  18. SRGNXL

    Premier Optics 5-25

    Anyone has a Premier Optics 5-25 scope to provide some feedback about it? They seem to have been discontinued for some reason but available from some outlets at a good price. Its for field/tactical rifle so it will be between the Premier, Vortex Razor GenII 4.5-27 or Minox 5-25. The Premier and the Vortex are both available in MOA/MOA config whereas the minox is MIL/MIL only. http://www.lgasupplies.com/premier-optics-5-25x56-tactical/p1 Minox Zp5 5-25 razor GenII 4.5-27
  19. Anyone looking to part with his phoenix precision bipod?
  20. Can anyone recommend a professional cherakote job near bisley?
  21. SRGNXL

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    Whuch eliseo stock do you have baldie?
  22. SRGNXL

    Action advice - dual bolt face

    Thats some fantastic info tonight digesting it is the process - thank you all for taking the time to curate this information - goldmine. I like that eliseo tube especially the fact you can swap that bottom part for an appropriate magazine like having 2 rifles in one. ●Is eliseo chassis available in UK and ●would it work with mausingfield OR defiance action? ●seems the butt can also be removed for transport which is important for me Im thinking something along these lines with a digital camo paint job and a spiral fluted barrel like on a PGW barrel will make me happy. http://s1084.photobucket.com/user/skyav8r/media/20140314_144031.jpg.html

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