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Sell up due to Health. Reloading. Scopes and knives

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Start of the Reloading stuff clear out.

Updated list

This is a clear out due to health and selling up, not to get rid of old stuff i no longer use. But, it is all used
As I sort through things I will list more but i cant put any more photos on And I have no more allowance for new posts.

If they are on here then their still for sale.

If it says SST then it's asked for and allowing 24 hours for payments.

All prices please add postage.
Collection Gloucester


Lee powder measure kit £15
RCBS kinetic hammer £15
Lee 4 die .243. Full. Neck. Crimp. Seating die set £40
Lyman universal decapping die. £20
Lee deluxe quick trim plus 3 dies .223 .243 .308 £40
Rcbs .17 powder funnel £8
LE Wilson case mouth deburring £20
2x Lee oal trimmers plus 6.5x55. 65creed .222 .223 mandrels. 4x Lee pocket primer cleaner tools. Mixed shell holders. £10



cci-300 large pistol primers 550+ £40.


6.5 Calibre

Sierra #1750 160gr Pro-Hunters. 97 count. £20



These are knives i have made for my own use, friend have some of mine and seam very happy with them.

Pair of stainless knives £300. 4x60mm blade. 180mm OAL and 4x105mm Blade. 230mm OAL

Short ones for open the skin on legs and chest without meat damage. Long one for opening the deer up. 


Red knife stainless 3.5x85mm Blade. 200mm OAL £100

Green knife stainless 3x110mm Blade. 230mm OAL £80

Blue knife carbon steel 3x110mm blade. 230mm OAL£100 SST



Pard DS35 70 LRF gen 1, not updated software. £650


Infiray thermal Eye11 E6+ V3 £1250






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