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  1. Selling one of my pard scopes off It has a few rub marks on the buttons, like most the used ones. But it does not affect it in anyway. If truth be known, it shows the backlit buttons better at night. It's boxed, with every thing is came with. I can't put many photos up but if you pm me your WhatsApp number I can do that way. But really, there is nothing more to see other than what's in the one photo. Collection preferred so you can see what your buying. But will post at buyers expense. £650 ...SOLD... Please close thread
  2. Not sure what's going on, someone might be able to shed light. Saddle mounted pard 008lrf on rail. Strapped onto 308. 110 and 150gr rounds sorted and each allocated to a different letter on the pards internal memory. Then go from 100 to 200yards so I can get the drop distance. All good and sorted. Ok, swap the barrel over to 223, move the pard over to the 223 and then zero 50 and 65gr loads. All good, or so I thought. Went out to 200 to get the drop at that distance, 65gr is about 2in low. To be expected as I load low end of scale as these are used on small deer. Next I did
  3. Gosh that arm has changed. I have the old one on the Bigfoot. I need a 12v camera as I use a reversing camera screen. No usb set up
  4. I will give it a strip and clean. I'll check it all out first. I have to try and find a way of getting my camera set up closer to the target master beam. The beam is as far up the scale arm as I can be without it touching the hook for the extra weight but then leave no room for the camera to be at the right angle. Ideally I could do with the camera being inside the box of the target master. Job for another day maybe. First I need to sort these scales I think. Thank you kindly for your help 1066
  5. Thanks for that. I would love to see 1000gr of powder in the pan. Somehow I don't think that will happen hehe. I still have my 10-10. About 15 years old now, maybe a little more, I'm not sure. But, of late, I have started noticing inconsistencies. I alway, once powder is in pan, I lightly push the bar down to the stop and then let it go. It's apart of my routine to get everything the same. But of late, I can hold balance bar down and let go, let it settle and it's a tad over, do the same again, without doing anything else and it is under. Do it again and it's on the button I use
  6. RCBS M1000 scales, as good as, better than or not a patch on the RCBS 10-10 scales?
  7. Pleased for you but it's not RS40 really is it.
  8. Thank you for thati do have the n150 on the shelf as well as n133 but fed up of the carbon left behind, I don't clean after every outing. I would be cleaning most days otherwise. I use to use rs62 in the creedmore and found it to be very clean in comparison so I thought, new rifles, new powder, and if one powder will do both, then even better. Thanks kindly for the information
  9. I have rs 40, it's not for long range. It's for fox and deer/pig but thanks anyway. I think I have some thing sorted as RS40 is very close the N135 from what I'm told so I have loaded tests.
  10. Afternoon all. Please, can anyone help? I have two new barrels, cupboard full of bullets and some powder. I thought I was doing the right thing, one powder for all but I'm not finding data. .223 50gn V-Max 65gn gamekings .308 110gn varminters 150gn prohunters RS40 powder. Only one I have found any date for is the 150 prohunters. Plenty of data on either side of the bullet weight s with the RS40 powder but nothing for what I have. Please, anyone, point me In the right direction if you can. Thanks kindly
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