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Hi Folks

I no longer have a 6MM PPC

so have the following for sale:-

4 Boxes of Sako 6mm PPC usa factory ammo £ 10017092441479947422576721971214348.thumb.jpg.fd89e5e272e9733b8df2903d1ca995ab.jpg17092448657755938185040064146367.thumb.jpg.b4d1ca63ebf31921fb5e4973faf1ac03.jpg17092441479947422576721971214348.thumb.jpg.fd89e5e272e9733b8df2903d1ca995ab.jpg17092441479947422576721971214348.thumb.jpg.fd89e5e272e9733b8df2903d1ca995ab.jpg1709244693963739972215958938306.thumb.jpg.393d79cbfe527b09cd63505a1bc4edcd.jpg17092448295997914483520893729773.thumb.jpg.fe7532b7df7572ca08a2d642ade5a609.jpg1709244917045753422336542665602.thumb.jpg.5b0784e54c867082ddeb7a3a688d9e6b.jpg

72 loaded 6mm PPC think they are @ 70g Vmax £50

203 fired Sako cases +48 cases of 220 Russian neck turned £100

I also have dies 

Wilson 6mm ppc micrometer £50

RCBS ,SEAT,F/L and neck dies 6mm ppc £50

Redding body die £25

Sinclair exp die £25




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