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Delta Stryker HD 5 - 50 x 56 - price dropped SOLD

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This is a fabulous scope and is often considered one of the best in it's price bracket. I had it on my 6.5 Creedmoor which I used at 1000yards and it has been lovely and clear. My only criticism is that it's second focal plane, which many prefer, but not me.

It has the DLS-1 (Mrad) reticle which is lovely and clear and doesn't interfere with view

I have had to upgrade my S&B PMII on my .338 lap mag for more elevation for the mile and have one expensive scope more than I need, so I'm moving the S&B to the Creedmoor and selling this scope.

For full specs see Optics Whorehoue - https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/delta-stryker-target-ultra-ed-5-50x56-hd-sfp-lt-illuminated-zero-stop-rifle-scope

There is a small blemish on the tube as can be seen in the photos, which actually looks worse in the picture than in the flesh. I haven't had it especially long, I only got the rifle at the end of last year! The bubble and rings are not included as they have moved to the new scope.

£1100 including next day carriage with DPD (Optics Whorehouse currently sell these at £1689.95)


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