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F Class world champioships 2026

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Posted on behalf of Simon West

GB FTR 2026 Bisley Captain Confirmation.
I would very much like to take this opportunity to formally announce my confirmation as the F Class (FTR team) GB Team Captain for the upcoming world championships to be held at Bisley in 2026.
I am also delighted to introduce my management team who are  Ewen Campbell as Vice Captain and Mike Harris as Adjutant.
We are inviting applications to be considered for the various team roles. These include the non shooting positions of wind coach, rear wind coach, plotter, register keeper, register keeper minder as well as of course shooters. Each of these roles require different skills and the training squad will be chosen to reflect this. As part of this training squad, membership of both NRA and GBFCA will be obligatory. Individuals will be welcome and encouraged to apply for any or all roles, tryout will be advised later this year.

Please email myself 
simon@simonwestkitchens.com in the first instance with the roles you are intending to tryout for, we will then be in touch to confirm.

Simon West
GB FTR Captain

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Please note, the cutoff date for applications regarding initial tryouts for the above GB FTR  Team is December 31st 2023. Please contact myself on the above email if you are interested in the first instance.

Simon West

GB FTR Captain

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