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Ludicrous lumens update (loss of original FB page )

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Hi Guys

Been a while since I posted on here so apologies for that:-(



Bit of a update in case anyone been messaging the old Ludicrous Lumens FB page, unfortunalty we lost access to the page last year & still haven't jumped through enough FB hoops to regain access so here's our new page that is currently the only way to contact us .


I hope to regain access to the original page at some point but here's the current page.



The UK Varminting discount code is still live.

Regards Andy 



20210106-850_9912-edit_1610041747015 (2).jpg

night-saber-alpha-v2-box-image-2048px-_1606229423498 (3).jpg

20210105-850_9882-edit_1610041747014 (2).jpg

20210106-850_9912-edit_1610041747015 (1).jpg

20230426_225416 (1).jpg


20210105-850_9861-edit_1610041747014 (1).jpg


20200206_125641_1580995858746_1580996199047_1580996381348 (1).jpg

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On 7/28/2023 at 8:40 AM, palo said:

Hi Andy 

Would like to know if the vulpine mk3 increases the base mag of the scope its used on. 

Hi Palo

It will add around 30% to the base mag with the standard lens ,I can make it 1-1 if required but the standard lens is best for foxing/rabbiting etc unless your scope is very high base  mag(I use the standard lens even for for rats)

Nothing like the cropped image of a cmoss sensor in pards etc.
you clip a bit of the image like the video bellow 


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Hi palo


Yes the v4 for a premium optic works very well with a v3 when combined with a wraith laser in 850nm.

There is some footage kicking about online I believe.


I would still say the 6x base mag would be fine for bunnies and Charlie. 


I set up on 10x (so around 13x system mag)and go upwards.


I never find myself going under 10x on foxes from the truck






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