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.308 load data for rs50


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Hi there.


New to reloading do bare with 🙂


I'm looking into reload data for my Rem 700 (26" barrel, 1:12), .308 flavour for target shooting.


Need through a few reloading books but was wondering if any of you more experienced have any advice/reload data regarding the rs50 powder for this calibre.


I've got a batch of Hornady BTHP match 155gr but, of course, open to try others.


For now I'll be using Hornady brass and fiocchi large rifle primers (as a startup) but thinking of eventually moving on to lapua brass.


Thank you in advance

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I used around 44.5gr RS50 for my 155gr rounds and it was an accurate and safe load.  Similar to N140 but takes a little more.  Bulk density is 950g/l for RS50 compared with  910g/l for N140.  Energy rating (heat of explosion) N140 is 3700 j/g compared with 3750 for RS50.  They're not identical but very close to it.   

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