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Bisley Range booking now re solved, cancelled and refunded


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The NRA has really shafted us, again!!! We had a 300 mt bookings in the "shed" for Friday the 5th and Sunday the 7th, so to make it a full long week end to justify coming down, hotel, etc. We booked a range 19 target at 300 yd,  electronic, with Gazebo for Sat the 6th all day

Now the NRA has at the last minute (today!!!!) given us the Sat 6th in the 300 mt shed, and its now too late to cancel and credit the range 19 booking, I tried, they wont!!

So I have a 300 yd electronic target with gazebo, available for Sat 6th, all day, morning and afternoon. You'll need to be NRA acceptable, i.e. an individual member with SCC, or an NRA club. Its all booked and paid for, cost £270,  fair offers? Other wise it will sit wasted?

I leave on Friday morning, if you are interested. email me urgently to     robin.carter80@ntlworld.com 

Have Fun


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