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Adding arca to a HS Precision stock (Savage 12LRP)

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Can anyone think of a way to add an arca in a not too destructive fashion, to a HS Precision stock? 

I would like to try the PRL next year and if I like it then I may look to put my savage in a chassis but I don’t want to drop a load of money before trying it. I have my Savage 12LRP in 6.5cm which is a 1/2moa rifle if I do my part and I love it. 

however from what I can see, having an arca and a barricade stop is almost a must have for PRL/PRS 

I added a small weaver using one of those sling swivel converters so at least I can get my tier1 bipod on there but arca would be useful for the tripod etc

I have one of the PR-S mlok arca rails which also has a built in barricade stop (no longer available from what I can see) so I was wondering if I literally drill the stock to fit that, or if there was some sort of mlok “rail” that could be embedded almost like an Anschutz rail?

more than happy to send the stock to a smith if anyone on here could do something like this! 


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