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Davinci PCC vs Sig MPX 9mm


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Two of the top end 9mm PCC ( pistol caliber carbines) are Sig  MPX and Davinci. In fairness the JP gmr15 also belong in that mix. Base price is about £2k for the Sig and £2.7k for the Davinci, plus stock upgrades and  red dots etc. They are basically IPSC and Steel Challenge  game guns. We can have semi-auto anything in Czech but the U.K. I guess you are looking at a Marlin under lever or 22lr.

Sig MPX:




9mm PCC sounds a good idea - cheap ammunition and steel target friendly however most 9mm carbines are still direct blowback and hamstrung by heavy bolts ( cmmg rotating bolt, heckler mp5 roller locking, kriss Vector and a few others spring to mind as exceptions) but to get the same or less recoil than a bog standard £800 AR15  in 223 you are going to spend a lot of money, flat and fast shooting are all that matters for IPSC games and it does make a big difference.

Sig MPX (still my favourite) does it by a gas piston arrangement- and I think this is an excellent design and very versatile- one of my barrels is 6.5” plus suppressor, another 16” with compensator the same system works well with either.

Sig gas piston:


Davinci does it by direct blowback a magnetic buffer and short stroking the action. The rifle is lighter than the Sig and has a 2” shorter barrel so is more manoeuvrable. It still is not as soft  shooting as the Sig but the Davinci side charging makes it about a second faster to load with a table top start. Davinci make the upper and lower receiver in house. I think the barrel is sourced from JP? All top quality components anyway.





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