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Depends on the reticle

They have been on the market over the last few years from £500 - £800

Unless someone needs one to go on an L96/L96 replica or an L42 with the special bracket they are just a 6x42 scope.

What reticle does it have?


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If it is this one, then it is UK Military

If it is a cross hair, in which the lower vertical leg is thicker than the other three then it is one of the Irish Army scopes that were traded in, the rifles went to the US (Gunsite) and the scopes were sold off in the UK.



Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 11.30.54.png

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Yep, that's an Irish Rifle reticle. AI bought back Irish L96's in p[art exchange for AW's. 35 I believe, the details are in Steve Houghton's new book, and sold them off to the US.  The scopes were sold off separately and many are still in the UK, including yours.

So it's a genuine AI scope, but not from a British L96. Not as desirable. 

£500-700 if you can find the right buyer I would say

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