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Shadow 2 v STI v Alien slo-mo recoil


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As a follow up to the STI Costa thread I had the opportunity to do some testing ( nb. It’s not the U.K. - everything was Covid compliant). 

I wanted it to be unbiased and I wanted to do the vids. I enlisted the help of a couple of friends who shoot about 50k 9mm a year in practice. They have good technique. Consensus was the Shadow S2 does exceptionally well for the money ( about 3-4x cheaper than either of the other two). We have at least one Shadow 2 each so this is not news. The STI Costa was the softest and flattest shooting- you could run the trigger very fast. The Alien had the most abrupt recoil. Recoil is sort of sharp and direct. The video of the Alien shows a little muzzle dip but I didn’t notice this shooting.

The STI was the lightest and only one with a compensator - it works very well. Its not just a matter of reducing muzzle flip but that the muzzle returns to the same place after recoil ( return to perfect zero). You don’t want the muzzle to dip. Tuning and stroking  a pistol is an art. The STI is not eligible for shooting in the same class as the other two in IPSC - but I didn’t buy it as a game gun.

The Shadow 2 and Alien are competing together in things like IPSC optics Ready division...... if I am honest the Alien is superbly made  like the STI ( Shadow 2 is not in the same class quality wise) but I think the Shadow 2 eats the Alien for shoot ability.

Shadow 2


STI Costa




Did I say you can run the STI fast....



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