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Sig Sauer BDX scope , range finder and app pairing issues?


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Hi, just wondering if anyone has had issues with the above. It won't recognise the range finder or scope on my phone  (via app) but does on chrome book ( I tried on that just too see it wasn't a fault on the hardware) . On  chrome book it recognises scope and rangefinder but then  they won't "bond" with each other (so when when you rangefinder it alters the POI in sight) .......i'll dig out a tablet soon to see if works on that but I would have thought if it's got blue tooth  / downloads the app it should be a simple operation  but it's proving to be a PITA! Any help or  advice would be appreciated if you have a "fix"




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sadly, I'd already done this which led me to believe it was hardware over software. I've seen the demo's and youtube and literally 60 secs and it's all done.......thanks for answering though. much appreciated. I had something similar when I was trying to download DJI software for my drone. 

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Just got it to recognise , pair and Bond within 60 secs. Ballistic data in and worked seamlessly with rangefinder. It didn't like my Ulefone mobile....used a Samsung tablet and bingo!! So if anyone does have an issue then I would suggest changing the hardware, the software works well but is fussy.

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The reinstallation of the app usually helps in such cases. I've suffered with it before and only reinstalling helped me. I noticed that the app doesn't recognize the scope if you add additional parts to improve it. For example, when I added tactical scope leveling tool to my SIGM400, and the scope suddenly disappeared from the app. I did my own research and found on ballachy.com that it sometimes happens after you add anything on your scope. Maybe it's better to use chromebook all the time?

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