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G Tac AI grip conversion

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Decided to tart my AXMC up - G Tac U.K. ( Alan Forster) makes a grip kit for AI AX and AT series rifles that replaces the original grip with AR type grips and alloy trigger guard.  The new plastic panels are AI ones and machined by Alan. The brown panels I have are not cerakoted as per my request but I understand  are usually cerakoted for a professional finish.


What you get is a standard A2 grip, machined alloy trigger guard, side panels and screws. I binned the A2 grip in favour of a FAB Gradus FBV. Price depending on postage is -/+ £275

Install is a 20 minute job with excellent instructions provided - step by step instructions with pictures and torques provided for each screw. Basically the AI trigger is a clamp in, the trigger plate is replaced by the alloy trigger guard. Also whilst the trigger is out it is worth taking the mag catch out and cleaning the mag catch spring - this has white lithium grease on it from the factory- most AI parts are very  well  protected from the elements but I have seen corrosion on this spring before so re-greasing it is a good idea.


AI trigger and trigger plate..

One tip replacing the trigger shoe after the trigger guard is installed it’s much easier if you push the rail the trigger shoe sits on back - as you would firing it - this creates an angle and let’s you slide the trigger shoe on easily.

The G Tac grip conversion is excellent - for me it improves on the original in terms of quality and function. The grip feels ver different- much thinner around the web of  the hand but I guess the idea is to have the grip you want - Ergo grips with zero angle also seem popular and Penguin grips have a built in thumb rest if you don’t want to wrap your thumb around the grip. It just gives so many choices.


Just for full disclosure I have met Alan at one of our Czech competitions ( he’s been here a few times) and liked his attitude. I was very confident ordering the product. I know the product is doing well in the USA ( good reviews on Snipers hide) but I found it by a chance comment on another thread here. I thought that it deserves its own thread. 


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