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Strelokpro problems

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Hi all

I've got my .284 win run in and and zeroed at 100 I've input it all the required data into the app it's chronographe at the muzzle at 2591fps I'm using 154gr SST now the problem at 415 meters the app is showing  28.4 clicks required on the elevation but the actual elevation required is only 17 clicks as I found out yesterday I'm no target shooting expert but I managed a 2'' group I use the app with my 17 fireball .223 with no problems does anyone have any ideas?

  Cheers Matt

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2 hours ago, Matt234 said:

Thanks everyone it's all sorted now operator error i forgot to adjust the scope settings to allow for the muzzle brake!


   Cheers Matt

allow for what now?

how does a muzzle brake affect scope settings 

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20 minutes ago, Matt234 said:

The last time I used it I had a moderator fitted I forgot to make a note of this the zero is different for the muzzle brake!

 Cheers Matt

Oh, of course,  I'd just assumed you'd zeroed and were then having the error issue.

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