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Lee Enfield mk3* issue


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Calling all vintage shooters.

I bought myself a mk3* at the start off lockdown and took it out a few weeks ago to discover that a 100yard zero was achieved by setting the sights at 400yards much to @Bond Villain disgust when i took out his target frame. Among inspection at home i noticed it had a no4 front post so I bought a set off proper smle ones.

At the range today I had to set the trangent sight to 1000 to get on target at 100. .. I am going to swap the front post to the smallest ones that came but I wonder if the increments from largest to smallest would really make that much off a poa difference.  First shot today was approaching 30" low at 100.


Any ideas if there could be more at play folks ???

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1 hour ago, Kipper said:

much to @Bond Villain disgust when i took out his target frame. 

In hindsight, I should have been delighted. That’s some of your best shooting. You hit the target, well target frame. 100 MOA accuracy, I hope we can cut that down to a 2ft grouping at 100m. 😂

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9 hours ago, saddler said:

Ah -  wondered as all the MoD sites are shut
Only issue I had with Braidwood was the "target" aiming point was a 10" ragged hole as they refused to replace the aiming centre & did not allow folk to put up their own zero targets
Nice site aside from that - helped them out a couple of times on the clay days
Used to be about the same distance for me as Castlelaw,  but less risk of fog/rain/A720 snafu's

....and try the lowest foresight on the SMLE
Will see if I can find notes on which one was the default install size

I'm lucky enough, 20 min from blairddam, 45 to Castlelaw, 2hrs to bloody Bisley though

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