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Members - some advice please. 

I’ve owned and used a Zeiss Duralyt 4-12x50 (illuminated) as my stalking scope for the past 10 years. 
It’s a great VFM scope, but 10 years have passed and I wonder if more modern scopes are much of an improvement optically. 
Factor in I’m ten years older, if I do go for a new scope am I likely to notice the difference ?
This has all started since the Shooting Show at the NEC looking through every manufacturers nice shiny new scopes. 
The Steiner looked good VFM in my opinion.

Thoughts are welcome. 

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What is your budget and main use for scope.

The problem is the Zeiss Duralyt is a pretty decent scope and you will need to pay quite a lot more to get any noticeable difference.    Is it just better optics you want - or maybe a better reticule - ability to dial in  - more mag - better light gathering.


BTW I use an old 6-24x56 Zeiss Victory - and a Karles 624i  -  the Zeiss is better optically - no doubt and better light gathering at dusk ...   but the Karles is better at everything else and a better LR scope

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