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For the sceptical-imagine what the BC is (that's not Bullet Cam..it's "G10".... as in 'Aw Gee Whizz' ...not another one.....


So do the math 200 bullet revolutions per frame....comes out at 4/1/17 or 1/4/17 but that's April,whatever side of the pond.



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Yeah definitely! Note that the target image stays upright and in perfect focus when filmed from a bullet rotating at over 150,000 rpm and that there is marked absence of the air shock-wave that precedes a supersonic bullet's tip.


It's an elaborate / expensive hoax - Vortex must reckon on getting good publicity from it. Good for them, I'd say.

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Didn't Vickers come up with something along those lines ?

I don't know, but MDT's April Fool offering is made from a cleverly modified soft drinks bottle fitted with Picatinny rails.

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