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Advance CSR Skill Course

John MH

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The Advanced CSR Skills Course is a practical coaching course designed to support existing CSR competitors to improve their positional shooting techniques ahead of the 148th Imperial Meeting.

The emphasis of the course will be on the Application of Fire in prone, sitting, kneeling/squatting and standing positions. Training will be measured through test Practices, including the Urban Match shot under match conditions. Dry Training will be conducted as part of background activity to include match preparation, wind reading, sight setting, kit and equipment, mental approach.
The course is open to current CSR shooters who have entered at least two events in the 2016/17 Winter League. The maximum capacity is 42 attendees. The course will focus on practical range work, including target marking.
The course fee is £55.00 (£33.00 for Under 25 yrs), which includes range fees, targets, scorebook and individual coaching. Ammunition and firearms are not included and attendees are expected to bring their own. Attendees will require approximately 150 rds.
Those not yet in possession of a firearm can hire an AR-15 type rifle from the NRA Armoury for £18 for the day, and purchase ammunition - 150 rds of 5.56 mm at a price of £63 upon production of their NRA membership card and Shooter Certification Card (SCC).
Light Goretex jackets are recommended with under layers according to the weather, and suitable lightweight walking-type trousers with waterproof over trousers if required. Jeans and heavy cotton trousers are not suitable. You will need:
Ear defenders
 Firearm
 Approximately 150 rds ammunition
 Normal shooting equipment including binos
 Notebook and pencil
 Food and beverage
Attendees will be squadded into 3 Groups and will rotate through Live Firing at 100 yds, Dry Training and Butts. The outline programme for the course is shown below:
Assemble at Short Siberia Range – Registration
Course Brief; Marksmanship Principles; shooting tips and practical demonstration
Split into groups, Group 1 Dry Trg, Group 2 Live Firing, Group 3 Butts
Detailed Programme available here: Advance CSR Skills Programme
Online booking here: Advanced CSR Skills Course
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