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Ballistic calculators

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Neil,I can easily agree with such pragmatics-I'd even hazzard that the Vihtavuori book Mvs are good enough 'to get one hole on paper",(given hundreds of other shooters have worked it out already,and the laws of physics still hold.)

So why the interest in a £1500+ investment in Sartorious elegance to measure powder to .35" improvement,at 1000y (and that assumes absolute perfection in all other factors-not even the Houston Warehouse managed that over a few hundred yards....)

....on second thoughts-am I allowed two ?-just ignore that question! I like the Sart too-though the precision is spurious for most shooters.


All that aside,one datum will play havoc,when it's a bad one.



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I like to see the new gadgets not that I would ever buy one.ive never heard of this particular make before so I wouldn't of known they existed.i am not sure I would do 1/10 of a grain accuracy loads justice or see a difference from my own loads on my scales.until I change them with another set I won't know.i would be curious to check how consistant my loads were on a top spec set like these in the video.once or twice a month I try my best at 1000yds and 300yds mqueens.i do ok at it.good days and not so good .i am not and will never be world champion at it either.i get what I want out of it . I thoroughly enjoy it and can't wait until the next time.which is next sunday.yippee.....

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