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Hand Coffee Bean Grinder


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I have a massive stash of coffee beans and it occured to me the other day that if the power was out I'd be stumped. So I invested £8 in a hand coffee bean grinder which I am amazed to find works incredibly well. I'm so pleased with it I'm going to get another for a rainy day.


It occured to me that there are probably lots of things out there which are dependent upon electricity but which have simple non-electrical solutions i.e. a meat grinder for mince or a mangle for drying clothes and it might be worth investing in a few for the day the power goes out for a month.


Does anyone have any other tips and tricks?

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I use a Smart Cafe mug for under a tenner and they are double skinned to keep contents warm. I usually get a couple of thousand cups of coffee out of mine.



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