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VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

duff eyed doyle

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8 hours ago, Pablo said:

I have 20 MOA rail +200clikcs from 100m,

220clikcs is limit in this model (after removing inside turret pin)

Got it, I rely heavily on the stop pin, but 100 clicks from 100 mtrs is plenty for me.


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I have just bought one of these scopes

Glass is great. Turrets are crap.

130clicks from centre 0.5cm per click

So 65cm movement at 100cm.

So if I have this right . I need to zero my rifle in the first 30 clicks of the scope. So 15cm . Just rubbish.

Good idea from zeiss but just wished it had the x5 turrets and range .


Its amazing that my swaro z6 . Nothing fancy scope 30mm tube no turret Has 180/180click And the big fancy zeiss 36mm turrets only has 130/130




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Yeah they missed the point a bit with the v8, tactical versions of the V6 have been well thought about and the turrets and clicks on the tactical version are great. Only available in 1/4 MOA clicks, The 3-18x50 has masses of elevation over a 100 MOA I think and the bigger  5-30x50 has over 60 MOA both have the same glass as the V8 on a 30mm tube. Very overlooked scopes 

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