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Fuel storage

meles meles

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According to Shell Australia’s Technical Advice Centre Manager, Warren Scott, you can generally store fuel in a sealed container for around six months before it starts to deteriorate. This assumes it’s kept relatively cool and away from direct sunlight.

“But if the container is not properly sealed or it’s repeatedly opened, [fuel] will start to evaporate and you lose some of the light components in the fuel,”


You can store 30litres without informing the local P E A.,

A licence is required for storage of more than 275 litres.


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How long can fuel, i.e. petrol and diesel be stored for ? We seem to recall that it's good for about 6 months, after which bacterial contamination may start to become an issue.

I store 40 litres in the garage and rotate it about every six months. I've never had an issue with it although I am aware that it does degenerate with age. I try and use diesel from the winter time as summer and winter blends are different.


"The United Kingdom differentiates diesel fuel into Summer and Winter Fuel according to BS EN 590 and BS EN14214 (biodiesel). The same numbers are used in the Republic of Ireland. Distribution of winter biodiesel in the United Kingdom starts in November and ends in March."

Designation CFPP value time frame Cloud Point Summer Fuel -5 °C 16.03. - 15.11. 3 °C Winter Fuel -15 °C 16.11. - 15.03. -5 °C
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