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Recently I got a nice muntjac loin out of the freezer ready to enjoy in the evening with SWMBO. However on returning home I found that I had made a schoolboy error: What the package contained was a heart, liver and kidneys... Bugger.


Necessity being the mother of invention (and hunger when you come to mention it) I was determined to cook something so:


Threw the kidneys away, they didn't smell too good. Sliced the liver and heart into 5mm slices and then flash fried them in a wok with some very hot maize oil and a handful of chili flakes. Took them out to rest. One large onion and one carrot sliced into strips and back into the wok with a little more maize oil, added half a handful of crushed coriander seeds and a good shake of hot paprika (I'm not great on precise quantities). Stir fry until the carrot is just tender, return the meat to the pan and mix well. I then added several good drizzles of apple balsamic and a grind of black pepper and fried for a further minute. Added 1/2 cup of water, covered with lid and allowed to evaporate off.


Served with rice.


Quite a kick to it but the heart and liver were very tender and the apple balsamic added some great depth and sweetness.


A good dish for the frugal!





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Some good ingenuity there.


I made a sorta opposite mistake last week, Went out the garage freezer in the dark and pulled out a bag of what I thought was the usual coarsely minced goat which our cats largely live on. It got left on the bench overnight rather than put back in the fridge after a couple of hours. Next morning, my wife was moaning she had to cut it up for them. It was in fact sika fillets. Least the little buggers enjoyed it :(

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