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Obtaining Deer Leases

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Anyone advertising syndicate places on this site must include the following information :


Rough Area




New or existing syndicate


Number of members


Private or Commercial letting


Species on ground


Cull numbers past & expected




We can appreciate that advertising places is usually done with the best intentions and including the above will go somewhat to protecting both the site and individual members


Below is a list of questions that prospective members should be asking any sellers if interested(by PM please)

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I would ask for the following


Cull records


How many are on the plot (members)


Can you have their phone numbers (To ask them what the land is like,and how long they have been on it)


Have you got 24 hours a day access 7 days a week 365 days a year


Is there a shoot on the land.


Is there any work planed to be done on the land.


Is there any clear fell.


Is there any open land.


Can you go and have a walk around the land.


Is there a caravan or a local B&B


Are there any days retained for paying guests that the owner may take on


Who retains the meat


Are you aloud to take a guest (if so do we charge them,or do i give up my gun.)


Dose the money go back in to the syndicate from sales of above and meat,and Dose this come off next years price.


Do you have work party's (IE high seats,rides,and so on)


Is there any additional costs that might pop up,(quad bike mending,and so on)


Is there a estimate of how many beasts are on the land


And how many are they planning on taking off this year (x amount of Bucks/stags.& x amount of does/hinds.)


Can you shoot fox or anything else on this land.


How many days a year are you expected to go on the land.



Location of Syndicate members relative to location of land.


If its on Forrestry Commision land, is there a penalty to pay for not completing the cull?



Do syndicate members keep the lower jaw to confirm sex and cull numbers?


Are there any other additional costs other than the syndicate place costs?


Are the costs excl of VAT?


Will written permission be provided for proof of authority?


Is the lease a sub-let from another organisation or body?





If anyone has anymore they would add please PM me and i will add it to this post.

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