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Here's a bit of spiel:


We've now got UKV to between 25,000 and 30,000 unique visitors per month; that's a bigger circulation than any UK rifle magazine (we have the supporting google analytics)


Compared to print media, we're beyond the penetration of UK rifle niche by a country mile.

In pure circulation terms the UK's leading rifle publication 'claims' a readership of c18,000 -this will be based on an algorithm that magazines use that generally claims around 3 times the readership than copies actually sold.


Whereas UKV really is 25-30,000 unique individual rifle enthusiasts. ......and compared to advertising precision rifle products and services in a magazine that has bigger circulation , but whose readership is composed predominantly of shotgunners, airgunners and other non-precision rifle people ...well, in terms of penetration of your target market (precision rifle enthusiasts) UKV really is a bit of a no brainer!


We have three marketing options:


The top banners are the site's premium Blue Riband position.

Scrolling gifs sized as per the examples you see across the tops of all board pages.


Yellow Riband is designed as a lower cost marketing solution. It offers exposure of your brand and linkage that takes customers to your site. The Yellow Riband’s strength lies in the fact that it allows advertisers to unlock the marketing power of UKV’s social space by engaging in ‘ice-breaker’ pre-sales questions with potential customers. Maximum benefit here will be derived form engaging in the boards discussions. Yellow Riband advertisers may initiate threads about their products as well as showcase their products in the precision rifles showcase.

Yellow Riband buttons will be displayed down the right hand side of the board index page and offer a hyperlink to your website. Yellow riband buttons are limited to 200 wide x 100 high.


Basic Trade enables trade members to discuss their wares in response to questions raised in threads to which they are relevant. Basic trade members may use the sponsors-only for sale section (subject to a reasonable use restriction).


Basic Trade members may not initiate discussion threads about their products or use the precision rifles showcase.


Advertising on UKV is paid by standing order, you run the advertising for as long - or as short - as you wish. We only ask, on a gentleman's agreement, that you let us know when you decide to stop.

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