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  1. motomo22

    some photos from this year

    here are some photos and trail cam pictures from this year
  2. motomo22

    video on facebook

    Thank you all for your thoughts on this,No I do not want to see any more stupid laws aim at law abiding people,I just felt it was a bit much with women and children present.
  3. motomo22

    video on facebook

    morning everyone I have just seen and read the report on Facebook off a shotgun being fired over members of the field at a hunt in Cornwall, the police say no crime has been committed ??, really is that not discharging a weapon with the intent to cause distress and fear?. If one of us did that over the general public I think we would be very lucky to keep our license at least,I am contacting BASC, plus others to highlight this as just rolling over and accepting it sends out the wrong messages,regardless of whether you are in favor of hunting or not this cannot be right
  4. motomo22

    gun safe alarms

    That's great guys thank you for your help
  5. motomo22

    gun safe alarms

    As the police down here ask that you have an alarm if you have over a certain number of guns, I was wondering if any one on here has a alarm ,what makes are available, suitable and what sort of costing we are talking about.Any help and thoughts would be appreciated,thank you.

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