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  1. 17 squirrel

    ward wt1 thermal scope

    Where are you in the country bolt gun. I have a WT1 75-3 I will be selling.
  2. 17 squirrel

    Removing a Stuck Sunshade.

    Hi Jay I had the very same problem with a Nightforce scope. Tried strap wrench and all sorts. In the end I protected the lense as best I could with discs cut from an ice cream container and sponges. Turned the combi boiler to max, turned on the hot tap, restricted the flow till it was to hot to hold my hand under. Put the offending threads under for 2-3 minutes and sunshade came off a treat. I cleaned the threads put a little silicone grease on them and after a little work it now goes on and off as it should
  3. 17 squirrel

    VN160 WANTED

    Will send pm Lee
  4. 17 squirrel

    VN160 WANTED

    Hi Lee where in the West Midlands are you.
  5. 17 squirrel

    17 calibre powder funnel

    Give Mick Miller a pm Tony he 3D prints a really nice one just for the .17
  6. 17 squirrel

    Redding bushings

    I have a .267 and a .268 Nitride Redding bushings £10 each
  7. 17 squirrel

    Used Chronograph

  8. 17 squirrel

    Used Chronograph

    Hi SMLE. I have a Oehler 35p I never use. If you want to come and get it you can have it. The printer is missing and I shot one of the plastic uprights due to a gust of wind (honest) but that is easily repaired. I also have somewhere a fancy stand for using it prone if I can dig it out.
  9. 17 squirrel

    Case tumbling with steel pins

    Hi Geordie. I have a couple of those little beechwood tumblers for sale, and a frank ford arsenal one if your interested. Cheers Don
  10. 17 squirrel

    SWARO 8x50

    Hi Tuck. If you have no luck getting a Swarovski I have a 10x56 IOR with an illuminated 4a reticule i was looking to sell Don
  11. 17 squirrel

    Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    Also https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MAXTOCH-Shooter-2X-Red-Beam-270lm-750m-Distance-Red-Light-Night-Hunting-Torch/32809972472.html
  12. 17 squirrel

    Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    Or https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MAXTOCH-New-2X-Dedomed-XM-L2-U4-LED-1450lm-1200m-Distance-Utmost-Version-of-Thrower-Flashlights/32661379568.html
  13. 17 squirrel

    Omega powder tricker

    Hi 204. I have an Omega auto trickler if thats any good to you. Cheers Don
  14. 17 squirrel

    Reloading bits and bobs

    Hi Flash i have a redding boss press, was looking for £40.00 + p&p. I also have a forster co ax bench priming tool also £40.00 + p&p Cheers Don
  15. 17 squirrel

    Wilson case trimmer

    Hi Bob. I have one it only has the original adjuster, but has a new spare cutter and power adapter. If you pm me a email i will send you some photos. For some reason dont seem to be able to post them. Cheers

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