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  1. 17 squirrel

    Removing a Stuck Sunshade.

    Hi Jay I had the very same problem with a Nightforce scope. Tried strap wrench and all sorts. In the end I protected the lense as best I could with discs cut from an ice cream container and sponges. Turned the combi boiler to max, turned on the hot tap, restricted the flow till it was to hot to hold my hand under. Put the offending threads under for 2-3 minutes and sunshade came off a treat. I cleaned the threads put a little silicone grease on them and after a little work it now goes on and off as it should
  2. 17 squirrel

    Case tumbling with steel pins

    Hi Geordie. I have a couple of those little beechwood tumblers for sale, and a frank ford arsenal one if your interested. Cheers Don
  3. 17 squirrel

    Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    Also https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MAXTOCH-Shooter-2X-Red-Beam-270lm-750m-Distance-Red-Light-Night-Hunting-Torch/32809972472.html
  4. 17 squirrel

    Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    Or https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MAXTOCH-New-2X-Dedomed-XM-L2-U4-LED-1450lm-1200m-Distance-Utmost-Version-of-Thrower-Flashlights/32661379568.html
  5. Chaz i use the old bell target mix of titanium dioxide and castor oil or liquid parafin. I mix it to the consistency of butter, it will stay like that on the target all day. You normally only need to apply it once, and just brush accross it between shots. clean it of with rag, tissue or a handful of grass at the end of the day.
  6. Hi Tuck. i am using a cluson clu-briter it's cordless ( Personally i wouldn't go back to corded) has main/ dip beam and also a disco mode. I would say it's probably the best light i've had for all situations. I also like Cluson stuff, you can phone them up and they know their products inside out. I have a Clulite Smartlite i brought over 20 years ago, it has had some hard use at work, can still get all the spares for it.
  7. Hi banus02. yes please if still available. have sent you a pm.
  8. 17 squirrel

    Basic lathe tutorial wanted

    Axminster tools do short courses on lathe, mills ect. I have a friend who has been think, it was a day or two course. He said it was brilliant. Might be what your looking for.
  9. 17 squirrel

    Small primer Creedmoor

    I have a Redding universal decapping kit, the pin in the small die measures 1.43mm.
  10. 17 squirrel

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    The dies are all Hornady. The reamer, go/ngo gauges are PTG. All together with customs charges ect it all cost about £557.00. Who will i get to do it. Mike at Brock and Norris.
  11. 17 squirrel

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Yes Dogge it's a 17-30 carbine. I think the case capacity is 17g water also think the 17fb is 22 and the 17hh 12. Also it uses the mini hornet action not the 222/223 action. I form the cases in a Lee turret press so three pulls of the handle gives the equivalent to a fired case ready for f/l sizing. I got 500 new cases made by three different manufacture for under £150 try doing that with f/b or h/h Dogfox if you want forming dies for 17 F/b either from .221 f/b or .222/.223 give todd a ring at the woodchuck den i am pretty sure he will have thet on the shelf.
  12. 17 squirrel

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Hi dogfox. I thought i had found the perfect replacement for the HMR in my 17 squirrel. But there are a couple of niggles i have always had. the brass, even tho it is kind on brass, it can be hard to find and of mixed quality. Being single shot, 98 times out of 100 that doesn't matter, but those 2 times always boil my wee. My choice of action was fixed on the cz hornet mini mauser to give me a small light carry gun. The caliber had to be .17. So after quite a bit of humin n harrin i think i have found it. Here's a picture of it with a parent case,formed case (but not fire formed) a17 HMR case a 17 squirrel and a 17 HH. Will be looking for a doner action very soon
  13. 17 squirrel

    Sierra for fox ???

    I would load some up and try them Steve. For many years now i have used a flat base open tipped match bullet in my 6mm, i find they work very well. Certainly better than 70g Nosler BT i used previously.
  14. 17 squirrel

    .17 Rem Fireball

    Stillair i would say yes that lapua is thicker than remington. You will probably find you will have to turn the necks. For an initial size down you could try a Lee .204 ruger die set, probably about £25 for the set and cut or grind the base a bit. Think I'll stick with remington brass.
  15. 17 squirrel

    .17 Rem Fireball

    Stillair you said your not set up for .22 neck turning are you for .17

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