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  1. snow white

    Myxomatosis pics wanted

    Shot one last night out tomorrow if I get one will post photos to you.
  2. snow white

    bullet seating

    Thank you very much. gbal for your help but what about the powder on the first rounds how do you know much. Been reading Richard Lee loading book but he uses American powder. Have got vith powder chart think I will have to work up from there. Thanks again.
  3. snow white

    bullet seating

    Hi I have asked questions before on a another forum got not satisfactory answer when starting a new load how do you know how far to put the bullet in to the case. I have a stone point horndy setting tool to the lands it is 1.931.5 on ten average can somebody tell me how far please I am using n133 powder.thanks
  4. If you are like me you will wish you had waited and got a new one. Never mind how much discount you manage to get if any you want be happy.
  5. snow white

    Interesting slant on load development.

    How do you know how far to seat head when doing load development if the head is far in to far or out to surely you will not get accurate placement so you cannot tell if the round suits your gun.like with air gun you keep trying till you get pellets to suit gun.can you see what I am getting at.when I first brought my rifle I joined the gun club I shot some factory rounds then we rezised the the lad did load development out is book we load some rounds of different head seatings of I went shot four different targets took them back he said they want putting at this length.I tried them spot on.stuck with them for that gun still spot on.got a new gun as you problem gather.do not go to gun club now the bloke who runs it is a funny bugger so working on my own reading loads of books.thank for your response
  6. snow white

    Interesting slant on load development.

    What I am trying to get at who said that was the wright amount of powder in the first place.
  7. snow white

    Interesting slant on load development.

    When you first start how do you know how ?far to put bullet in I know you come back of the lands but who is saying you are right.I have got tool that tells me how far the lands are from the bolt face but then it is working out how far to seat the head.I can not see how you can get a powder charge right by just putting head in case and trying it.their are to many variations to much powder not enough powder. head in to far or not in enough.I pick a tried powder charge then muck about with seating the head it works for me four rounds out of a factory barrel touching at hundred yards.
  8. snow white

    mod mark on barrel

    It does not look blued or painted I cannot discribit.it like blue black funny colour.
  9. snow white

    mod mark on barrel

    Hi lads the over barrel mod on my rifle as marked it when putting it on how can I get rid of scratch on barrel without doing more damage. Thanks for looking.
  10. snow white

    haenl rifle

    Well I got my heanel Jagger 10 rifle in 223 what a nice bit of kit I tried it straight out of the box with some home loads which I posted on this sight couple of weeks ago and the result was very good.if you care to have a look I put photos up on march the 10th under tactical
  11. snow white

    gun stock rubber spray

    As anybody tried airesole rubber spray on gun stocks thinking of having a go on one of my shotguns. Thanks for looking
  12. snow white


    Well the weather is looking good very slit breeze having breakfast then down to farm to try if I can put five touching at two hundred yards. Trying 55grams vmax with 23.8 grains n133 vith powder. then 50grain Sierra blitzking with 24.0 grains n133 powder. Also going to try 50grain blitzking with 25.0 grains n133 powder.will let you know how I got on tonight.
  13. snow white


    I have do some load development over the last couple days will be trying it over sat/sun will put some photos up what I am after is a group touching at two hundred yards then I will be happy hope it comes of over the next couple of days.the trouble is I am in open fields.

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