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  1. Badger Ordnance Badger Ordnance 30mm one piece aluminium low mounts sent from the us cost over £100 new £60.00 inc P&P
  2. same set up cant fault it mines been in the cupboard for over 12 years and had 1000's of rounds through it with no problems
  3. lowfarm

    Reflex t8

    what thread size is it mate
  4. i would be sending it back mate should have been cut correctly some of these socks are cnc cut and they don't line up that well
  5. 100 PPU .243 once fired case Free cost of P&P only 20 Sako once fired .308 Free cost of P&P only
  6. lowfarm

    6.5mm mod cut 17x1

    hi guys im looking for a mod for a 264 win mag cut 17x1 please
  7. lowfarm


    Hi guys here is some of my bits and pices
  8. lowfarm

    264 win mag

    Hi guys im looking for 264 win mag brass and all so Hodgdon H870 "if any one has any in the back of the cupboard"

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