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22LR speeds

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Hi Guys ,


Just chronied 3 types of CCI ammo thru a short barrelled boltgun .

STD                        Av  1088 fps  SD 10.4

Subsonic              Av  1081 fps   SD 24.4

Suppressor         Av  989 fps      SD 11.1

Will measure exact barrel lenght soon & post 

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Barrel is 11 inches long ,

STD Velocity           specs are  40gr  lead round nose @ 1070 fps

Subsonic                 specs are  40gr  lead hollow point @ 1050 fps

Suppressor             specs are  45gr  lead hollow point @ 970 fps 

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This was only 10 rds of each , but will do more to bring it to 50 - 100 total , and see if their is any real difference .

But on the above data , even with out grouping it , the winner for me is the STD , as its SD is the best , and its 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the Suppressor/Subsonic here in NZ .

Remember that this thru a bolt action rifle , if you run this thru a semi-auto the speeds will be approx 70 fps less , mainly due to larger chamber spec , which would mean it the STD ammo would be subsonic .


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