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GSAC 1000yd Benchrest 17th September 2017

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Apologies for a lack of report for this event, however personal and work commitments have precluded me from finding time to do one. I thought I’d take a quiet moment to publish the results and league standings though.


The conditions were apparently conducive to small groups with what appeared to be very light winds, however appearances can be deceptive as was found out by Darrel, the outright winner of the last 1000yd UKBRA event at Diggle who put in uncharacteristically large groups along with perennial UKBRA winner Bruce Lenton, but when he was spotting on the following relay it became apparent that what we were seeing at the wind flags wasn’t being reciprocated across the valley and caught several competitors out. However, congratulations must go to Davie Rankin on getting his first “screamer” with a barrel he was beginning to think was shot out, also to Ed Walker who continues to put in some excellent groups with his Savage FTR. Not to mention Geoff McCluskey who is scored yet another small group on only the 3rd outing of his Savage 6BR.


The next round is on the 15th October. I look forward to seeing you all then (oh, bring rakes and shovels folks. The cae have finally decided the backstop was worthy of closer inspection so needs a quick refresh before shooting commences).


GSAC 1000yd Benchrest Results 17th Sept.



GSAC 1000yd Benchrest League Standings at 17th Sept.


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Congrats to Davie Rankin on shooting that 'screamer' - a sub 4-inch group at 1000 yards is something special.

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