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  1. 243ack

    RFD transfer rules

    In Law, anyone can 'own' anything - even firearms. They may not be able to 'hold' them, but ownership does not necessitate possession. I have personally 'brokered' the disposal of firearms, S1, S2 and S5 held by police after confiscating them from the 'owners' father. The 'owner' was disbarred from holding a FAC for life, but it could not preclude him from owning the property, merely 'holding' his property.
  2. 243ack

    Left Handed Rifles

    C/F or R/F?
  3. First one I tried: Calman, Glasgow, doesn't repair pocket watches - even though he's in the pocket watch repairers register!!.
  4. Eighty views and not one reply??
  5. I've recently inherited a silver 'G. Tasker, Whitechapel' pocket watch and chain (key wind) which wont wind. I've emailed a couple of 'googled' people specialising in old watch repairs and had no replies. Does anyone know of a reliable chap who would look at this for me? Probably not worth spending a lot on - even though its over 200yrs old - but thats not the point for me. Thanks chaps.
  6. I've had a Christensen Classic 18" 308 for a couple of years now. Amazing stalking rifle. So light to carry - and where's the recoil?.
  7. 243ack

    Remington Sako extractor

    Had one fitted to a high end semi custom build in 2001. Gave me much trouble and definitely not worth it. Subsequent builds have retained original Remington system and been faultless. Save your money.
  8. 243ack

    Wanted - Rem 700 Bolt (Short Action) - anything considered

    Bet you want a right hand bolt!. Only saying as I've got a brand new S/A bolt body - LH!.
  9. 243ack

    Baselworld 2017

    I like the Omega 'trio' series. Just wish they'd come up with a less 'confusing' wording for their three levels of accuracy.
  10. 243ack

    Thermal spotter

    Pulsar Quantum XQ 50. Bought by myself last June. Only selling as I'm a 'tackle tart' and want a new model Helion. £2250.
  11. 243ack

    Accurate Time?

    Thank you Sir.
  12. Recently been checking the consistency (accuracy) of a newly acquired Aqua Terra Seamaster and am finding a considerable difference between the BBC 'pips' (on DAB), GMT on Google search and the 'clock' on my smartphone. Which one is 'real'??
  13. Having been a Rolex devotee for 50 years, I treated myself to a new datejust 2 years ago (cos failing eyesight prevented me seeing the silver batons on the silver dial I had). It has just been sent back to manufacturers as it started losing half an hour per day!!. Whilst I was in Goldsmiths, I took a fancy to an Omega co-axial, purely on the grounds that I knew the inventor and patentee of the movement (George Daniels). What do you 'Wis'' think of the Co-axial?.

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