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  1. Big C

    Leica Customer Services???

    Try sending email to: David.slater@leica-camera.co.uk He was very helpful when i needed replacement eyecup for my geovids Rgds
  2. Big C

    6.5 4S Saum

    Very nice indeed. Stock looks superb
  3. Is Mitutoyo 395-363 what your looking for? If so mitutoyo uk have them Rgds Charlie
  4. Big C

    6X47 LAPUA

    I have settled on 40grn, es 6 and avg 3169. I found If I went much higher I was getting a lot of pressure signs. My barrel is 30" by the way With N160 its 39.6grn Rgds Charlie
  5. Big C

    6X47 LAPUA

    I have also used H4350 with good success in my 6x47 with 105 hybrids. Would recommend you start a fair bit lower than the load mentioned above as personally found 40+grains to be near the limits N160 also worth a look, very accurate in mine Rgds
  6. Not sure where your based but The Gunshop Rugby has a load of Varget in stock Rgds
  7. Big C

    Tough mudder

    I did it in Kettering last Saturday. It was good fun apart from the electric shocks, they can only be described as unpleasant! Go for it, you will have a laugh Rgds Charlie
  8. Big C

    For one night only! The duo reunite.

    Hi Dave. No sadly not but can't wait to give it a go. Hopefully this weekend if I get time. Will have to give those 65vmax a go Cheers Charlie
  9. Big C

    For one night only! The duo reunite.

    Yeah was in disguise. We did indeed and there is plenty more about. She just calved 300 cows in 6weeks so they have been having a free lunch on the afterbirth!
  10. Big C

    For one night only! The duo reunite.

    11 foxes in one night makes for an enjoyable evening. Good shooting Dave Next time im down will have to go round my sisters farm again Andy, not been lamped since we last went there over 3 years ago!!
  11. Big C

    Rifle calibre for Chamois hunting

    No sound mods allowed either. If you are new to rifle shooting as you state it may pay to check the effect of gradient on bullet drop for your rifle as its likely you will face shots at steep angles if hunting in the Alps.
  12. Big C

    Spudgun gets a new suit.

    Looking good Spud. Let us know how you get on with the Dtacs
  13. Big C

    spud delivers

    Same size box you sent my flash hole deburring tool in!! Thanks for the book
  14. Big C

    Stolle Panda F class build.

    Stunning looking rifle Ian Will be going with a Joe West stock for my next project me thinks
  15. Big C


    I use a desiccant strip (silica gel) designed for shipping containers in mine. Does the job quite well but not sure if it's the cheapest option

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