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  1. Ballistic Hamster

    6mm BR Brass

    Wanted once or twice fired brass please minimum 100 thanks in advance
  2. Ballistic Hamster

    IOR reliability

    Have crusader and new 9-36x56 awesome scopes and good turrets and glass and ffp
  3. Ballistic Hamster

    T3 .22BR

    Hi big al l shoot 77's in my .22br 31g n150 my load was using 75amax , awesome for long range ,
  4. Hi Clive any idear on detection range please
  5. Ballistic Hamster

    IOR RECON scope

    Sold pending usual
  6. Ballistic Hamster

    IOR RECON scope

    Firestarter where are you ?
  7. Ballistic Hamster

    IOR RECON scope

    George just testing its on my Hmr Will see what happens with firestarter and get back to you
  8. Ballistic Hamster

    IOR RECON scope

    Hope it won't effect the sale
  9. Hi have a mint condition IOR RECON scope 4-28x50 Milrad FFP, warranty stamped 3/3/16 , with mounts and papers and box £1375 posted Ono
  10. Ballistic Hamster

    6mm br bullet ?

    Hi anyone shooting a 6mm br with a 1/12 twist barrel 26" ? What bullets would people recommend, for legal quarry ?
  11. MTC Viper Pro 5-30x50 scope as brand new in box not even put on rings £325 posted
  12. Leica 1600b mint condition new price £600 less than 6 months old £475 posted
  13. Ballistic Hamster

    195 Berger 7mm

    Cheers Ian at least got put in right direction
  14. Ballistic Hamster

    195 Berger 7mm

    Hi thinking of getting built a long range rig in 7mm not too heavy maybe for stalking , has anyone used the Berger 195 bullets in 7mm and anyone tried the 28 Nosler cases Looking to put them in a 7mm and using the 28 Nosler case when available or find a parent case not a belted case that would push them past 3000fps , not for target or string shooting , more towards long range , Don't want info from reference books ! would be interested in someone who had shot them or a good long range 7mm case and bullet with good ballistics past 2k well hoping it can be done
  15. Ballistic Hamster

    Leica 1600B

    Still for sale

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