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  1. mole trapper

    Kit Advice Please!

    Not wanting to hijack or divert from the op,s thread, but just ball park what sort of money are we looking at to get started for the essentials?
  2. mole trapper

    .223 barrel cleaning

    Anyways, bitching aside. I picked up the howa today, cleaned the barrel before putting a round through it. Wasn't actually necessary as it was clean as a whistle. With hornandy 40 grn vmax clover leaf groups easily achieved at 100 yds, however I decided to try some Norma 50,s again vmax heads, these did not group half as well so I went back to the hornandy, now it would only produce touching groups but nearer to an inch. Gave the barrel a good run through with the brush and solvent and plenty of patches, I will see if things are back to clover leaf tomorrow with the hornandy.
  3. mole trapper

    sauer 100 keeper

    Thank you both, really appreciated . No disrespect but I always like to buy new, mainly for tax purposes for the business.
  4. mole trapper

    sauer 100 keeper

    Okay so my variation has come through to add a .223. I thought I was settled on a howa 1500 all in package for a grand. However I've recently been looking at sauers complete package with the minox zx5i and Barton sound mod. So it's two grand for this package, but I'm looking for something for work that will be a nice shooter and longevity. Has anyone bought one of these, if so do you rate it? Cheers for looking, J.
  5. mole trapper

    .223 barrel cleaning

    Some great feedback thank you gents. In the bigger rifles I've only used bore snakes periodically. However I do have proper cleaning kit here somewhere.
  6. Evening all. I'm about to pick up my first .223, I've had and have various centrefires, but never this one before. I seem to remember reading somewhere recently that the barrel needs regular fussy cleaning or accuracy becomes a problem similar to the hmr. Is this correct? My 22-250 really seems quite indifferent to it.
  7. mole trapper

    atn x sight 3-12 any word?

    Hi folks, everything seems to have gone cold on these, no reviews, vids or talk of them since April? What has happened? I was holding out for the glitches to be sorted before buying one to go on a 22 centrefire solely for 100-150 yard Fox work.
  8. mole trapper

    Applying for an open FAC

    There is no continuity from force to force, each dreaming up there own deffinition of the law, there is a 18 year old keeper from down here that comes on this site, he was given a open ticket from day one, i know another keeper, again from down here, he is in his forties and had a ticket 10 years, applied for an open one and they turned him down, said he did not need it. Got mine "open" within 12 months because i pointed out that being a full time rural pestie, i would be looking for loss of earnings if they held me back, and that they would need someone to be on hand a couple of times a day to come out and pass ground every day of the week if i did not get it, reason prevailed.
  9. mole trapper

    fallow rut

    They were still at it up in the part of devon where i go a couple of days ago.
  10. mole trapper

    "winchester 17 hmr!!!"

    Varmartin, if you want to try them i was told the other day that elworthy up at st austell is doing them, but ring first as i did not see them myself, you will have to pay through the nose though as he is dear on everything.
  11. mole trapper

    Night Vision

    May be a little late now, but if anyone in cornwall is thinking about going down the Archer route give me a shout before you buy as i recently bought a grade c for my rabbit work, anyone want to have a look see welcome, or possibly take a look on Hunting life forum, just type in Archer in the search box. Regards MT.
  12. mole trapper

    A crackin' night

    Nigel aka elvis, plus i think you and i have spoken on HTL before now.
  13. mole trapper

    A crackin' night

    Well theres another ugly mug i know, seems like half the population of cornwall is on this site.

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