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  1. What does the scope with? Thanks
  2. Trigger73

    WANTED: Picatinny spigot for Fortmeier Bipod

    SORTED. πŸ‘
  3. As per title. Thanks πŸ‘
  4. Trigger73

    Adjustable stock for Tikka T3

    I may have a GRS Berserk available if my gun sells with its standard stock.
  5. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    I've been mulling over what you chaps have mentioned along with watching more clips on YT. As you can probably guess my mind is filled with all manner of info. So, a further question... If my bipod which is to go on my 308 Tik Tac is to be solely used for bench and prone, no hunting so no awkward inclines, need for quick deployment etc, can I go down an F Class style bipod (not looking at competitions, just general targets) or is that a no no on something like the Tik Tak, as I've been looking at the Dolphin F/TR class bipods which look and are reviewed very well? Cheers πŸ‘
  6. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    I wasn't going to mention anything but the same happened to me when I asked the same question. Can I ask, what did you pay?
  7. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    Porn! ps..how much did you pay for the spigot?
  8. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    After someone mentioned to look at the Fortmeier, I did and really like the look of them. There is a clip that Richard Utting made on his YT channel regarding different bipods and there is a good review of the fortmeier. I'm chatting to a chap that has the bipod for sale but no picatinny attachment, turns out that they're quite expensive on their own. If I fail to secure a Fortmeier I may go down the Dolphin route as was linked earlier, not too sure if anyone has any feedback with using one though? Thanks for the pics, looks a great day out! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Ps.. Where did the pistol grip hand stop come from?
  9. Scaffold tubes? Haha, class! Will do. Ps.. Some of the chaps at my local range shoot at OD. πŸ‘
  10. Thanks again, for a noob like me the options seem like a minefield but I have been doing some research as I've started to venture into FAC. I was going to opt for the 6.5 over the 308 but when the FEO was round checking my cabinet etc I was asked if I wanted any other calibres solely for targets so I mentioned 308 automatically and forgot all about the 6.5. Once I get into something I enjoy I like to get as much info as possible so I try to research as best as possible, experience from members like yourselves also is a great help. No doubt somewhere in the not so distant future the 6.5 will no doubt be making its way onto my ticket. @Catch-22 huge thanks for the offer, I'd happily take you up on that, but currently I'm still waiting for the membership secretary to get back to the emails I've sent him 😢😁
  11. Thanks for the replies. Just to clear up my post, the land I have a perm for is where I would be plinking, that's passed upto most of the 22 calibres and there is a good few hundred yards available. I bought a 308 last week as I'm currently waiting on an email reply back from Offas Dyke membership which seems to be taking an age? I have a couple of rimmie's I'm currently shooting but want to move up to the bigger calibres. As already mentioned by you chaps the 22 250 isn't ideal, so I'm guessing 223? Thanks for the current replies.
  12. Being new I'm curious as to which calibre you guys use for general targets and plinking? I bought a T3 22 250 last year as it was passed for land and I've not really shot it much as I've gotten into targets more than I thought so it's now for sale. I was told that with the 22 250 being a "barrel burner" and having a short barrel life, to sell it and go for a 223 or 243, I read that 243 is more expensive all round? Allegedly the 243 is a flatter trajectory so lends itself more so than the 223, that said from what I've seen and read both are good out to a fair old range? Your thoughts are much appreciated. πŸ‘
  13. Trigger73

    Barrel manufacturers

    What's wrong with beards and casio G's? 😜
  14. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    Good find πŸ‘
  15. Trigger73

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    Yup and I only spotted it earlier... Gutted πŸ™„

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