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  1. Hi Bradders received trigger in the post today many thanks 😊
  2. tried to send you a message with no luck any other way of contacting you ? cheers PS I will have the trigger unit form you please
  3. hi do you still have one of these available please triggertech Rem 700 trigger assembly and can I pick up from you ? many thanks
  4. Big h

    Mod covers

    are you still making these mod covers to order. may have a couple of orders for you
  5. Big h

    lenth or powder

    if this is I the wrong place then please move it I am looking at loading .308 for a 1.10 twist barrel and have a coal and have measured to the lands. even giving 20 thou off the lands a sammi spec GGG round is 60 thou off. I am using Swiss reload and have data sheets from them regarding the nominal weight of propellant to the weight of the head should I 1 load the rounds in .5 of a grain to find the best for the rifle leaving the head 80 thou off the lands or 2 start with the nominal load and set the distance from the lands? I don't know whether to set the distance from the lands or sort out the charge first any thoughts or help will the greatly appreciated this is the first time I am reloading .308 and don't want to bugger it up many thanks
  6. Big h

    can anyone help

    ouch that sounds like its going to hurt
  7. Big h

    can anyone help

    Sorry had a brain fart the barrel length is 24 not 20 thanks for the information and ideas
  8. Big h

    can anyone help

    ​thanks for all your replies my rifle is a Bergra B14 HMR with a 20”/1:10"Twist in .308 I have Zeroed at 100 yards and it hits out to 1000 yards with GGG 155gn rounds from Bisley armoury out of the box. I am looking a reloading to tune the round to the rifle and to tighten the groups. and was advised to get 155gn sierra heads and lapua brass as well as RS60. this is a very steep learning curve for me and I will be honest am nervous as hell. I reload .38s and have just bought a Gen 6 Lyman powder dispenser to better load to the 1/10gn. again thanks for all your advice thus far.
  9. Big h

    can anyone help

    Up to 1000 yards at bisley but will also be 100 to 900 and in between
  10. Big h

    can anyone help

    Thanks for all the replies regarding the powder I am looking at getting 168gn heads and then give it a go
  11. Big h

    can anyone help

    hi all i am looking for some advice on what is the best load to start with on my 308, i have the following already lapua brass 155gn sierra heads cci primers and RS60 powder. looking at what data i can find there is a recipie for a 168gn head but not for a 155gn head can anyone advise what the best load is to start off and work from there . this is my first post on here so please be gentil with me powder loading will be with a Lyman gen 6 powder loader.

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