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  1. great discussion fellas I has no idea the chrome moly barrels were harder than stainless. Unfortunately where I live in the coastal tropics of Australia things rust almost instantly with extremely high humidity and heat. The reason I ask about barrel life is I often see things quoted in the US such as barrels are like tyres and cheap to replace etc.....here in Australia we pay 2-3 times what they pay for anything gun related a customer rebarrel from a quality smith will be well over $1000 au which for me is a significant investment so barrels are certainly not like tyres for me.
  2. Thinking about switching to 6BR after I burn out this 6.5x47l barrel due to being cheaper to run. The 6.5x47L was designed to have better barrel life than the 6BR, if you check out the overbore index over on accurate shooter the 6.5x47l is actually more overbore (case volume vs bore area) than the 6BR. This to me would indicate that the 6BR should have better barrel life all other things being equal (loaded to equal pressure same shot rate etc) I have seen it mentioned from Laurie himself on accurate shooter who's words I follow very closely that the 6br normally goes off around 1500 rounds vs the 6.5x47l at 2500 rounds. Hopefully Laurie sees this post and chimes in. What would I be missing here? why would the 6BR be getting less barrel life when it is LESS overbore than the 6.5x47l all other things being equal.
  3. Yup it makes my day to see soo many 47l supporters here in what is probably a group of fairly serious shooters. I'm not sure about what you are getting at with the rest of your post but personally I cringe every time I see the word creedmoor spamming forums and facebook groups. I get why its successful because of the factory ammo and support from many different companies etc. For the serious shooter who handloads I don't consider it "better" than the 47l. The 47l is slightly more efficient less powder for very similar velocities. One maybe could argue the 47l is easier to find accurate loads for. Either way like I said for a decent improvement in velocity (at the cost of barrel life) one needs to step up to something like 260ai or 6.5-284.
  4. Go with 6.5x47l you don't want to be just another sheep following the pack do you? Anyone serious about shooting is handloading so the factory ammo thing is a non issue. My 6.5x47l pushes 139 scenars using H4350 at 2750fps at a relatively moderate pressure of 58k psi according to quick load. I could get it over 2800fps at max pressure 63kpsi with H4350 if I wanted to. If I wanted to improve on this I wouldn't be looking at the creedmoor maybe a 260AI or something that can give a legit boost. If you ask this question to the BR crowd over on accurate shooter I would think the response would be in favour of the 47l over the creedmoor.
  5. ofrn

    Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    OP I haven't read all the responses here yet but in my 6.5x47L I single load 139 scenars that have half a bullet diameter in the neck hasn't caused any issues for me gun has shot some very small groups. On the positive it allows you to load more powder for more speed if you want or same powder and less pressure.
  6. ofrn

    6.5mm bullet options.

    hey guys dunno how things are over in England down here in Australia we get mostly ripped off with pricing of bullets. 142 SMK are between $90-94 per hundred, ELD M $75 per hundred, Bergers $75 per 100. The only match bullets that are reasonably priced are norma 130 in a 500 box around $45-50 per 100, RDF around same as norma and finally the lapua scenars from $59 per 100. I have used both 123 scenars and 139 scenars in my 6.5x47l have settled on 139 scenars with 40g H4350 shot 1.25 inches at 300m off a bipod in a field gun for 4 shots during ladder testing was good enough for me. Would love to try the 140 hybrid begers but we pay so much more than the states for them, the new 150 SMK is likely to be a dollar a bullet
  7. ofrn

    Laurie thoughts on H4831SC in 6.5x47L

    Thanks mate for your offer but I have 500 139 scenars to work through before I think about changing bullets if they work well I May leave as is. We do have the 130 Norma gt here and I looked into them they have an excellent form factor. Reports I read on them were patchy though with quite a few people suggesting they were very fussy to load for?!
  8. ofrn

    Laurie thoughts on H4831SC in 6.5x47L

    Hey mate how the only powders that I have access too are adi powders. I have 2208 (varget) which works well with the 123 scenar. My gut feeling is that with 139 scenars that using 2208 will leave a lot of airspace in the case due to the long length I want to run with. I think even using 2209 (H4350) won't even fill the case properly to 100% which is what I would prefer with a coal of 2.832.
  9. ofrn

    Laurie thoughts on H4831SC in 6.5x47L

    So to follow up on this my 139 scenars arrived. I measure them base to ogive with my 6.5mm comparator to find they measure .717 which I was hoping they would measure longer so I could get more bullet in the neck, my 123 scenar base to ogive is .689 so these are only 35 thou longer base to ogive which still leaves not all that much bullet in the case. I had read peoples measurements on the net who obviously used a smaller comparator as the numbers I saw for the 139 scenar were .795 base to ogive. Anyway this is what I have to work with. Does anyone know the longest base to ogive 140 match class bullets out there when measured properly with a 6.5 comparator?? So in my rifle to the lands with the 139 scenars measures 2.842. I'm guessing I can fit a whole truckload of H4350 in there seated 10 thou off the lands or so. Thinking of running a 300m ladder from 39-41++ what do you guys think??
  10. ofrn

    Laurie thoughts on H4831SC in 6.5x47L

    WOW what a reply Laurie mate you would make a very good detective. Thanks so much you raised several points that I hadn't even thought of about H4831SC. I will stick to H4350 after this response thanks so much and thanks catch 22 as well for your response as well
  11. HI looking for laurie and other reloaders thoughts here. I have several hundred 139 scenars coming for my 6.5x47l. My 6.5x47l has a 26 inch barrel and .250 freebore (designed for long 140's) I will be single loading these as long as possible. I have a few questions here in australia basically the only powders we have are ADI.(Hodgdon usa) Most people use H4350 for this bullet. Iam thinking with my very long freebore and very long bullet seating I might try H4831SC instead to get a better case fill (maybe around 42+ grains) I can load 38g of varget with 123 scenar in this gun with no pressure sign at all and there is still so much room i can shake the case and hear powder moving about. One of the other reasons to try this other than better case fill is it seems them is conflicting heat potential information for these powders. The H4831SC is consistently listed as 3870KJ however the H4350 people tell me quickload says 3760KJ but other sources such as the barrel life calculator have this powder at 3990KJ. This makes big different for barrel life. If it is in fact 3990KJ vs 3760KJ for H4350 i would think the slower burning H4831SC might be slightly better for barrel life. Funds are limited and barrels and fitting is extremely exepensive in australia i dont want to be replacing the barrel. Thoughts anyone.
  12. ofrn

    IOR valdada 10x42 fixed

    please pm me if you have one of these you want to sell or similar. thanks

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