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  1. I have a Tikka 595 in .20 vartarg, I love this gun, it’s super accurate and great for vermin at distance. My only gripe is the feeding of the short cases from the 595 mag is a bit hit and miss. The case is so short that when it begins to pop up it does so at such an acute angle that it misses the chamber and jams against the chamber face. I am thinking of either getting a custom mag made or modding my existing mag by bending the lips down a bit. So has anyone with a .17 fireball, 221 fireball or vartarg encountered this issue? And do you have any suggestions ?
  2. Tom D

    Rifle bedding advice wanted please

    Don't do it then. By how far out is the barrel alignment? for an expensive aftermarket stock I'd be expecting a decent fit...
  3. Tom D

    Viht N560 Edinburgh area

    How much are they charging for 1kg of Viht?
  4. Tom D

    Rifle bedding advice wanted please

    Does it need bedding? Just a thought but if it ain't broke don't fix it. How does it shoot just now?
  5. Tom D

    .17 Rem Fireball

    Why is it hard to form 221 brass into .17? Does it crumple or kink? I have had no bother forming .20 vartarg from 221, just straight through the sizing die and job done. I'd seriously consider the vartarg, it has a bit more bullet weight for foxes and is still good for crows etc. I found Nosler 221 brass online in the us no problem BTW.
  6. Tom D

    Which calibre please?

    This is a good article on the .20's.. http://www.accurateshooter.com/cartridge-guides/20caliber/
  7. Tom D

    Which calibre please?

    20 practical or 20 Vartarg, the Vartarg is a 221 fireball case run through a Vartarg die, dead easy too. Very quiet for a centre fire, and good ballistics..
  8. Looks a nice gun for the money..
  9. Tom D

    Badger Culling

    My understanding of the new cull areas is that the culling responsibility is being passed from the 'DEFRA trained marksmen" whoever they are, to the farmers. So presumably that means people who shoot over the land in question will now be able to cull badgers. However I got this information off the web and there is a LOT of crap out there on this issue. Anyone know if this is true? Not expecting anyone to own up to being involved but does anyone know who is carrying out the work? Are they trained? Or is it just a case of open season within the cull areas?
  10. Tom D

    Tikka T3 oversize bolt knob.

    Would the bolt still fully lock with that on? I don't see the point of these, Is there one apart from the tacticool thing?
  11. Tom D

    What to do? Small calibre bunny gun

    I'd go with that, the .20 fireball aka Vartarg it chucks the 32gn bullets at around 3750 fps, maybe a little quicker. It will chuck the 26gn varmint grenade at around 4000 fps.. You can also use the 40gn bullets for foxes.
  12. Tom D

    Realistic HMR range

    Try the .20 Vartarg. You get over 90% of the performance of the .204 Ruger from 65% of the powder. I have a 21" barrel on mine but if it really was a dedicated sub 300 yd rifle it could probably be seriously shortened and run with a slightly quicker powder. Maybe a really great truck gun....
  13. One other thing, I don't think it would be hard to modify the sporter to fit over a mod, it would need some careful work with a saw to take down the plastic mount a little. I may yet do this to mine..
  14. I bought the sporter, it doesn't pick up over the mod, however I only tried it with the HMR. With the mod off it picked up the wee HMR bullets fine. I have used it on the Vartarg without the mod and it also worked faultlessly. I wonder if it will pick yo the 7mm-08 with the mod as the bullets are so much bigger? I haven't had chance to try yet..
  15. Tom D

    My dies toast!

    I doubt its knackered, that black oxidation will be only microns thick.

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