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  1. I have a Phoenix ( fortmeyer ) bi pod for sale - used and comes with stud for attaching to AI stocks £180 Also have pic rail adapter for this bi pod £35 but will only sell if bi pod sells. No offers. Buyer can collect from gateshead or I'll post at buyers cost
  2. Coyote Brown Gunslinger 2 Used but good condition Slight dirt mark on left hand side. £190 posted or collect from Newcastle upon Tyne Comes with rain cover and Rifle Butt cover. (hopefully pics will upload) photos.google.com:.webloc photos.google.com: 3.webloc photos.google.com: 2.webloc
  3. DM308

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    got both s and b and sightron - for the money you can't beat sightron in my opinion. the s and b's are nice and well built but i've had vortex / leupold burris sightron and simmons and the only scope i had a warranty recall with was the schmidt. try em in a shop and pick the one you like - you probably won't go wrong.
  4. price drop to £30 for 175's and £35 for 168's - postage still to be added if required though cheers
  5. 96 175gr Sierra TMK - £40 133 168gr Sierra HPBT - £45 can collect from Whickham - Gateshead - Newcastle upon Tyne or i can post for £6 each box. 07427314441 to discuss - i'm often at Diggle too. photos.google.com: 2.webloc photos.google.com:.webloc
  6. DM308

    6.5CM 123 scenars & N140

    I have a 6.5x47 lapua - (yes i know - not exactly the same ) 24" barrel and 38.5 grains of N140 yields good results out to 1000yds - very consistent. was getting 2860 fps - but the chrono wasn't the best!!
  7. DM308

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    most people seem to anneal prior to resizing - why is this? Only asking as i anneal after resizing.
  8. Hi What colour is phantom pack please? If its plain - could i have first refusal - can you send some pics to i.wilkinson1@yahoo.co.uk thanks ian
  9. DM308

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    i have an rpa rangemaster stby - 308 with 16" barrel - it was when rpa were messing arounf with cadex stocks. Its absolutely mint- THE most accurate gun i have to 500 yds ( and i own an AI in 6.5) RPA themselves are great as i had feeding issues with standard AI mags so they sent me out 2 accurate mags - for nothing!! Had this rifle now 3years and love it. RPA have recently changed there website which is a shame - as it seems harder to get in touch now. But - Plenty of other companies do aftermarket stuff. Yep - recommended!!
  10. Got one - but no box!! £50 including postage? Just let me know - Ian
  11. Great - My mob no - 07427314441 - if you send me your address i can call in at a time to suit - i'm at silksworth around 1030 for young uns footie Ian
  12. how much for collection?? i'm in sunderland tomorrow - £50??
  13. Hi Lee i'll take the two round holder please - pm me and ill pay by bacs if thats ok?

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