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  1. DM308

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    i have an rpa rangemaster stby - 308 with 16" barrel - it was when rpa were messing arounf with cadex stocks. Its absolutely mint- THE most accurate gun i have to 500 yds ( and i own an AI in 6.5) RPA themselves are great as i had feeding issues with standard AI mags so they sent me out 2 accurate mags - for nothing!! Had this rifle now 3years and love it. RPA have recently changed there website which is a shame - as it seems harder to get in touch now. But - Plenty of other companies do aftermarket stuff. Yep - recommended!!
  2. Got one - but no box!! £50 including postage? Just let me know - Ian
  3. Great - My mob no - 07427314441 - if you send me your address i can call in at a time to suit - i'm at silksworth around 1030 for young uns footie Ian
  4. how much for collection?? i'm in sunderland tomorrow - £50??
  5. Hi Lee i'll take the two round holder please - pm me and ill pay by bacs if thats ok?
  6. For anyone interested in trying this can i suggest you bite the bullet (see what i did there?) and get in touch with the boys and girls at Diggle on one of their shoots (dates on the calender in the home page) I'd never tried it before - despite being a regular at Diggle and was made to feel completely welcome and was instantly getting tips and pointers - basically all the help i could need. What an excellent friendly professional dedicated bunch of shooters so thanks to Jim and Mary Marsden and everyone else who helped me yesterday. Had a great day - shot ok - bust most importantly - learned loads. Cheers One v happy geordie!!
  7. Not sure how to update my post - but only thing left for sale are Fox Firearm scope rings 34mm !! thankyou
  8. DM308

    Brownells UK

    Has anyone EVER bought anything from Brownells uk? the prices are absolutely crazy for everything i've checked - do you get a free lap dance or something???? Really can't work out their pricing strategy
  9. Leupold rings no longer for sale ( no action screws)
  10. Leupold rings are 30mm from base to centre tube i used them on a sightron with 50mm objective cheers ian
  11. Tier one 34mm scope rings (medium height) matte black - unused £75 Fox firearms 34mm scope rings (high) used but in good condition £60 Leupold 30mm rings and bases (off tikka T3) slight spots of rust - £25 Schmidt and Bender 50mm pm2 scope shade £40 e-mail for pics and postage included or collect from Gateshead area if local i.wilkinson1@yahoo.co.uk or 07427314441
  12. that truly is a thing of beauty! very nice.
  13. DM308

    Schmidt pmii issue.

    cheers guys - yep checked with both eyes - still there!! 16 weeks???? long time to have a rifle out of action !!! Gonna give the 'spanking' tip a go - worth a go i suppose Cheers Ian
  14. DM308

    Schmidt pmii issue.

    I have a PMii 5-25 in ffp milrad ccw scope p4f reticle. It is still in warranty - so no issue there but . . . oddly after a days shoot (about 300 rounds of 308) it has developed two circular marks - one left and one right just above the horizontal on the reticle equidistant and only visible below 10 power - but they are bloody annoying. Yes it is going back to schmidt - also annoying as i'm gonna be left without a scope for a while - but anyone know what they are? Seem really strange and possibly a manufacturing issue? Scope is on an AI AT 308 in a spuhr one piece mount and bought brand new in Oct last year. Just wondering what it could be, if anyone has had anything similar, and what 'turn around' time i can expect - more importantly will it happen again?!! Cheers

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