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  1. Ah8217bris

    Cz455 & 10/22 triggers

    After match trigger for both rifles. Any around?
  2. Ah8217bris

    .224 softpoint/hollowpoints

    Flat based. I use my ar15 at 25m and 50m and get sub 1cm at 50m so working upwards 0.75” at 100m.
  3. Ah8217bris

    .224 softpoint/hollowpoints

    I use 45gr in my AR15 which are round nose. Got about 3000 of them so happy to let you test any required quantity.....i paid about 8p each.
  4. Good condition, rail and red dot sold so just lbp. £550.
  5. Ah8217bris

    Wanted QD Picatinny scope mounts

    I have quick detach rail? £60 posted
  6. I have a spikes tactical 223 which can come with leupold vxr 2-7x33 scope. 14” barrel and in magpul collapsible stock. After a target rifle restup (maybe 223). Any swaps?
  7. Ah8217bris

    Ruger 10/22

    After heavy match barrel.
  8. £25 off each item. £475 and £675.
  9. Hi - it’s original post. £700 including picatinny rail plus red dot.
  10. Lightly used......and photo belw. Anything in particular you want to know?
  11. Was having issues uploading but done now!
  12. Selling my trusted 10/22 which shoots everything put down it but it isnt a normal 10/22!Replaced triggerReplaced bolt open Replaced magazine releaseReplaced sears, bolt and hammerreplaced buffer pinreplaced barrel with stainless - not match as advised by rimfire that this would be better for subsonics.All cerakoted replaced stock with hoguejust about everything done with volpuartsen custom parts. Sak moderator included.bipod, scope and rings excluded but could offer to buyer if needed at extra cost. Includes 3 25 round magazines.£500. Good condition with picatinny rail and red dot sight. £700.
  13. Ah8217bris

    Remingtion action screws

    Hi, got a couple of new ones here i bought for my short action remington 700
  14. Great scope in original bag and box. £750. Can email/text photos.
  15. Ah8217bris


    Hi Steve i have some vortex viper 10x42? Pm me with your email address for photos etx

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