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  1. Ah8217bris

    223 Bullets

    All sorted now thanks
  2. Going on ebay tomorrow unless sold on here first
  3. Ah8217bris


    Hi martin - sure.....this has come off my AR15....let me know by PM what you have. Cheers
  4. Ah8217bris

    223 Bullets

    Sure, pm me a price. Cheers
  5. Ah8217bris

    223 Bullets

    Do you want to pm me how much?
  6. Ah8217bris

    Advice on QR Mounts for Yukon RT 6x50?

    I have a quick detach rail which i used to put my photon on so that i could take it off the rail on my cz and set it backwards at the same time overcoming eye reluef issue. You can have it for £50.
  7. Still here, sat on 22lr so wasted!
  8. Will consider swaps for non turret scope in 4-16 or similar or £800.
  9. Ah8217bris


    Would swap for 223 vmax/rimfire scope
  10. Ah8217bris

    223 Bullets

    Anyone got vmax or blitzkngs lying around?
  11. Ah8217bris


    Hi, it’s the 512 in good condition (few minor cabinet marks) and 10 years old but hardly used! Thanks
  12. Ah8217bris


    Empty now! 😉
  13. Good condition Nightforce scope - excludes mounts. £825.

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