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  1. I have had it six months, I cannot say when it was first bought. It was returned to Schmidt and Bender a few weeks ago and had new lenses fitted and was fully serviced. Mechanically and optically it is in as new condition.
  2. There was a failure of the coating on the inside of the lens, so I returned it to S and B and they fitted new lenses and serviced the scope free of charge.
  3. A Schmidt and Bender PM2 5-25 X 56 in good condition. FFP P4 reticle, quarter MOA clicks, double turn, zero stop, illuminated. This was fully serviced by S&B in Germany a few weeks ago. £1775.Please PM for more details.
  4. A relatively little used Sako 75 in 7-08 calibre, stainless/synthetic version, threaded 1/2 inch UNF. Standard spec. £795.
  5. I have the following powder surplus to requirements, collection from Maidenhead, Berkshire. H4350 2.2 pounds. £110. SOLD. IMR3031 2.5 pounds. £120. Varget. 2.2 pounds. £110. SOLD. IMR 4350. 0.75 pounds £25. They are only in the window for photo, not stored there.
  6. An as new pair of leica HD-B 8 x 42 range=finder binoculars. Brilliant at first and last light, you can use one of the twelve pre-programmed ballistic curves built in or download your own to the binos via a micro-sim. Displays distance to target in either metres or yards, angle to target, temperature, barometric pressure and if you use a ballistic program, the drop in either MOA or metric, including the calculation for shooting up or down hill. You can choose to have the firing solution displayed in quarter, half or whole MOA or half or full centimetres or just display the drop and hold-over. Fantastic kit, in the box used two or three times, as new with all accessories and guarantee card.Grab a bargain for £1600. RRP, £2430, on sale at Uttings for £1999, save four hundred pounds. PM me for more info.

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