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  1. A brand new Aimpoint H2 Micro, never been out of it's box, with Blaser saddle mount and full Aimpont guarantee. 2MOA dot. The best sight of it's type on the market. £650. Save yourself £150. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/aimpoint-micro-h-2-4-moa-black-red-dot-sight-with-blaser-mount/ Please PM me to buy. Thanks for looking.
  2. What is the weight without additional weights please?
  3. These have never even been out of the house, absolutely as new, latest Gen 3 tall trigger sticks. £100 posted. With ARCA adapter, could use with Pig Saddle etc.
  4. Good afternoon, I will have this please. Could you PM me with your details for payment. Thanks, Steve.
  5. Good afternoon, I will have this please. Can you PM me with details for payment? Thanks, Steve.
  6. I will have this please. Could you PM me with payment details, I will pick it up next time I am over that way if that's OK with you?
  7. Try having a look at www.ukrifleshooting.com Not cheap, £475 one to one or up to four shooters, additional £75 each.
  8. 100 Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor small primer brass, unfired, £85 posted.Please PM if interested.
  9. Sold at 09.26 this morning. Thanks for looking.
  10. Nightforce 8-32 x 56 illuminated, NP2-DD reticle, 30mm tube, click value 1/4 MOA. I bought this on a rifle, took it to the range and shot a box test, functions perfectly, the glass is unmarked. Comes with Butler Creek flip-up caps and a sun shade. There is a scratch under the occular housing, as per the photograph.It has obviously had some use but is a great, fully functioning quality scope. £775 posted. Please PM for any more details. Thanks for looking.
  11. I will have this please, PM me for payment details. Thanks, Steve.
  12. Brand new semi custom Remington 700 in .308. Blueprinted action, 21 inch Walther Lothar fluted barrel, ceracoted in black, PSE carbon fibre hunting stock, Atlas bottom metal, 5 round AI Mag, threaded 14x1, ASE Utra Jet Z moderator. Only fired it's proof shot. £2650. Please PM me for pics and other info. Thanks for looking.

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