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  1. 308 Tikka T3 CTR bedded into a Staffs Synthetic Stock (A5 type) with an embedded front rail. Fluted bolt, 20 moa rail, aftermarket bolt handle and shroud. Less than 600 rounds from new. Cost over £2k new. £1000 Inc RFD - RFD .22lr Sao Finfire Varmint. Professionally shortened barrel including re threading, re crown and reproof. 2 spare mags 1x5 rd, 1x10rd. Includes steel 30mm rings. £500 Inc R&D - RFD 12g Bettinsoli Nexus O/U. M/C. Less than 200 shots. In transport case. £450 Inc R&D - RFD 6×42 Hungarian S&B 30mm tube with P3 mil dot reticle. Bought new and returned to S&B for reticle change. £300 posted to mainland UK Phoenix bipod. Type A. (Available once the 308 sells). £200 TRG mags X2. New and ceracoated black. £120 each posted to mainland UK If anyone wants to meet F2F for any of the guns, I'll include some factory ammo. Photos on request. Cheers,
  2. mam's 'lil soldier

    T3X plastic magazine

    I've got a decent 6 shot out of a T3 223 tactical. Took it off to change the bottom metal for AICS mags. PM me if interested. Regards,
  3. mam's 'lil soldier

    6x42 Photonic Optische eye focus

    Hi, I have one of these ex IDF military contract scopes but I have a little problem. As the lights don't burn as bright any more and my eye px changes, I need to change the focus (on the scopes). Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any way to do this. Does anyone know of anything that may help as it is otherwise a cracking little scope. Regards,
  4. mam's 'lil soldier

    T3 Atlas AICS inlet

    Cheers Dave, I'll bell u in a bit.
  5. mam's 'lil soldier

    T3 Atlas AICS inlet

    Has anyone put an Atlas AICS bottom metal into a factory T3 stock as I have a question before I break out the router of doom, 👹💪.......😢.... As my local Smith isn't taking on any new work at present and I haven't got time to be traveling about I thought I'd have a go. What's the worse that can happen? 😭😭😭 Can I inlet the stock so the bottom metal is flush or do I set it to standard height so the metal is flush by a few mm's? My measurements indicate flush but I've not done one of these before so could do with an encouraging nudge. I know I can set the mag height by attacking the mag release but would prefer to know I'm in the ball park first. Cheers in advance.
  6. mam's 'lil soldier

    lazzeroni thumbhole stock

    Another shot in the dark. I don't suppose anyone has a lazz thumbhole stock they would part with for sensible money? Regards,
  7. mam's 'lil soldier

    Accurate mag 223 5 shot

    Don't suppose anyone has one of these mags kicking about they could be persuaded to part with? Regards,
  8. mam's 'lil soldier

    AICS mags

    Cheers kev
  9. mam's 'lil soldier

    AICS mags

    Thanks for the reply. As they were advertised as 5rd, I didn't give them a second look. After contacting them they are the 308 5rd mag adapted for a 233. Supersnashingreat. 👍
  10. I like a 20 moa rail and a decent set of rings mounting the glass as low as I can but have no issue with optilocks. The 20 MOA gives the impression that the rifle shoots flatter allowing more elevation as it slopes the scope down towards the front. This in effect allows zero at lower elevation. Don't worry about the rifle. I'm sure you'll be delighted. Using GGG surplus (62g) mine was shooting well sub moa at 300m on sat. 👍 I've not heard of aT3 that doesn't shoot straight. Not even in my hands. 😃
  11. mam's 'lil soldier

    AICS mags

    I have a T3 in .223 and am looking at installing AICS bottom metal. There were at one time steel 5 shot 308 mags converted to .223 (I think 8 shot). Are these still available?
  12. Hi Mike, Just a quick reflection. Over the years, I've owned various exotica RPA, A.W. etc. I now own two center fire rifles through choice, a .308 T3 CTR in an A5 type stock and a stock T3 Tactical in .223. Both of these rifles shoot better than I can, nullifying any costly advantage of Gucci kit. Both are easily sellable if I wanted to trade up (no chance) and both are easily upgradable as the market is flooded with trick bits. As to calibres, .223 or .308 every time for me as there's usually mil surp about for plinking. If you do go with a .223, you will likely need a mag that allows longer rounds. AICS bottom metal is probably the best way forward as you can use it on a 308 if you wanted to go to a heavier caliber later. If you can get a 24" tube, go for it but don't get hung up on it. Last point with a T3, my advice would be to buy the lowest model you can with the barrel configuration you want as super varmint / tactical stocks often come up for sale second hand. There's usually little other difference between the rifles and if you buy used there's less depreciation when you sell on. Regarding glass, use what you have and upgrade when you can. At least that'll get you on the range. I use an ex military 6x42 and a 10x42 on ranges further than you quote but a little more mag would be nice I would admit. I suppose it depends what type of targets your shooting at and how serious you want to take putting holes in things V how much fun you want? Quality of glass over quantity of mag every time for me. Just my rambling thoughts. Anyway good luck, Regards, James
  13. I'm still interested in the standard bolt handle if you do decide to break 😉 Regards,
  14. mam's 'lil soldier

    .22 cleaning rod extention

    Does anyone have, or know of an 8-32 male to female brass .22cf cleaning rod extention or failing this, an extra long pointy jag. The patch just pokes out the the end of the barrel so 2-3" would be supersmashingreat. Cheers,

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