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  1. FGYT

    AI skins

    I agree use airsoft plastics a lot cheaper than genuine AI. Mine is AI side shells and Airsoft hardware with home made chassis for my HMR
  2. my 16.5" barrel on the 6.5x47 is a great all round UK hunting gun and happy to 800 ish on the range before transonic the New Hday High BC ELD X 143gn seem to extend that to 1000yrds on paper plenty for a bit of range fun out to mostly 600
  3. FGYT

    6.5 for Fox

    Ok you already have good reason to own the rifle so they should not restrict you on any legal requests as directed probably now in the HO guidance . They are not restricting unneccicerry firearms in public hands as you already have the rifle Yes if you use land as good reason for a rifle it must be cleared for calibre at renewal even if the rifle is open
  4. I choose 6.5mm for my deer rifle and wasn't bothered which except I wanted a short action so Swede 6.5-284 etcwas out. Grendel wasn't quite deer legal In the end I couldn't find the right rifle second hand in any of the other 3 (.260" 6.5 lap or CM) So had an action barreled in 6.5x47L . Doubt I would notice a difference if it was either of the other 2 Mine is Deer gun and occasional target out to 800 .
  5. FGYT

    10 bore reloading

    Couple bits of broom handle one with a nail in it and a mallet
  6. FGYT

    New Remington triggers

    So 7mths on did it happen or is there any whete else to order thes from tried on here by email and by phone
  7. I upload to Facebook and use a link from there
  8. FGYT

    When a zero is not really a zero

    I zero at 88yrds as this is the highest point in the trajectory for my set up and coincidently is the distance I can shoot in my garden. Rifle is zeroed to this and turrets are slipped to zero I can then dial up to any range to shoot or check zero. For general stalking it's set to 2" high at 88yrds for a point blank range manly dialed precisely when long range and time allow if needed.
  9. FGYT

    303 British brass

    Yes please both of you happy to pay postage etc. Just fire formed some 9.3x74R to make 3" shell's These will be 2.5 for an older gun
  10. FGYT

    303 British brass

    I'm after 10 to 20 .303" cases These are to fireform to .410" shotgun 2.5" chamber Thought I had some but can't find them. ATB Duncan
  11. FGYT

    EDC and disguised knives

    From the video I would say that is not a disguised knife it has a carrier plate that clips onto straps or can be used as a belt buckle the tool is clearly visible for what it is and is detachable from the plate which still functions without it
  12. FGYT

    wild boar caliber england

    You can legally use your 6.5 for boar if you have AOLQ for it (you can legally use a rimfire if its AOLQ as there is no min cal in law for boar ) However if you put in for a rifle Reason BOAR then the Police have to follow Guidlines and Min cal is .270 So they cant refuse you as you have reasaon and no Rifle that matches HO guidance they cannot even add BAR to your 6.5 s a named quarry
  13. no good if you shoot till its hot but i use Jack Pyke Shotgun Barrel cover its Neoprene and the double barrel one fits up to 2" you do need to cut a bit to length and Sew the cut end join to stop it coming apart as i say not heat proof but fine for stalking style shooting the single barrel cover is good for rifle barrels to ::Edit:: oops see was beaten to it above should read the whole thread

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