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  1. .25 will be as flat as .22 if you push it fast enough, or flatter fue to higher BC, 28 is pretty slow for a .25 so will be loopy - get something capable of pushing your chosen pellet weight around 900 fps and your regrets won't be long lived I'm sure!
  2. Boydy47

    120gr pro hunter with n160

    I'm running 44 under 120 NBTs with CCI BR primers, sooty cases in colder weather so am going to load them up to 46 gr for this winter which was the next accuracy node now i know they're not causing too much damage
  3. As title, what powders would people recommend for 129 gr interlocks / sst / accubond in creedmoor, for a deer load with decent velocities?
  4. Boydy47

    6.5 for Fox

    Why would it be written 'Deer, fox and AOLQ'? The deer is the primary quarry, the fox comes under the AOLQ blanket part of the condition.
  5. More deadly, at forty yards? Shouldn't think so, my 32 ft-lb .22 is still carrying 24 ft-lb at 40 yards (in fact its still carrying over 10 at 150 yards) will be around 2-3 and you won't have much of a pattern from a 410 at that range.
  6. Boydy47

    6.5 for Fox

    Reading threads like this makes me sure of one thing, I'm never moving out of Wiltshire!
  7. Boydy47

    6.5 for Fox

    The consensus on the open ticket is it comes down to the force you're under. With wilts you don't have to have a piece of land cleared for each cal (or the biggest) if you're open, I have this in writing from an FEO when I queried it after a similar thread, also my first piece of deer ground was 12 acres cleared up to WMR, with an open ticket getting a 6.5 x55 was no issue. As for getting the 6.5 conditioned, from memory there is a note in the guidance that fox control should be considered good reason for 6 and 6.5 mm calibres in windy areas where people want to shoot heavier bullets. Either way you have the very strong argument that by simply changing the condition for your existing rifle you will not be increasing your overall holding, something you'd have to do if they insisted on a more commonly accepted foxing calibre
  8. I think yo You may well be right, though the shooter whose offered the reamer is nudging the 1800 ft-lb with the Sierra 90s, AA2200 seems unheard of over hear, 2230 being the closest, for which I can get the lovex equivalent fairly easily, Exterminator seems another stock choice which is hard to ge but I have 4 tubs for the .223 and his load is with RL7 which I can get hold of. Gives me a few options though. Definitely hear what you're saying in the barrel, would be a pain to go to the effort and get to 1650! I would want a load at a reliable 1750-1800 to be comfortable for larger deer, maybe 26" is the way to go would get more velocity from the varmint loads then too
  9. This is what I looked at originally but it can't quite get over the line. Interesting that the .222 rem based wildcats struggle to get over the mark with the extra case volume, consensus on an another forum I posted on was that this would be the easiest due to the extra case capacity but the COAL may well not be taken into account. Its all leading to the 25-45, Sharps have done the hard work and the chap that has offered me the use of the reamer has 2 loads each with a different bullet and powder combination that get over 1700 ft-lb with 87/90 gr soft points out of a 24" tube.
  10. This is what I looked at originally but it can't quite get over the line.
  11. Hi Muir I like the 527s, have 2 along with a 6.5x55 550. The Grendel really appeals to me but they aren't bringing the 527s in over here, leaves the Howa mini and having handled one of these it just didn't float my boat. I already have 2x 6.5s and the fact that you can't go lighter than 85 gr and not many stock those puts me off. I've been offered the use of a 25-45 reamer so leaning that way, not many seem to have experience though which is understandable as it's a bit of a niche wildcat, but just appeals to me!!
  12. Hi all Looking at getting my CZ527 rebarrelled soon and fancy one of the above cartridges, just wonder what peoples experiences are, ideally I'd like a rifle capable of over 1700 ft-lb for the roe on my ground as this will make the rebarrel worth it instead of chopping in the CZ against a new 0.223. I have a Hornet that shoots 40 gr varmageddon tipped very well out to 200 yards so the 0.223 is just too close and 6.5 x 55, 6.5 CM for out and out deer stalking rifles so I fancy something a bit more in between than say 6PPC or 0.243. Pros for the 6-204 / 6x47 rem are - larger case capacity, massive choice of bullets from 55s up with 95 gr TMK being a great option for target, 6 mm barrels possibly easier to get hold of. Cons- can't use the huge stock of 0.223 brass I have, COAL likely to be too long for the CZ 0.223 mag, custom or necking dies required for the 6-204 but not the 6x47 I Guess Pros for the 25-45 Sharps - Should work with my 0.223 mag length, will allow me to use the huge stock of 0.223 brass I have, no fireforming, factory dies available. Cons- bullet choice restricted, 70 SBKs being the lightest. The rifle would be used for long range vermin and for muntjac stalking with the ability to take roe comfortably, plus informal target out to 600 yards, probably a medium weight 24" barrel in the existing stock for now to keep the costs down. Thoughts and experiences please.
  13. Used to shoot around 3/4-1 moa in my remmy 700 VSSF, 1:12, terrible in my 1:9 CZ
  14. Boydy47

    .22 WMR expieriences.

    There's a 611 for sale on the airgunBBS forum at the moment
  15. Boydy47

    Alternative to H4350 for 6.5 Creedmoor

    I Well got them on the recommendation of a friend who uses them in .260 and describes them as devastating. Was only the first round of testing with powder weights loosely based around Viht's N140/100 gr data. Brass was fire formed fed .243 (can't stand the thought of losing my lapua cases in the field) and murom LR primers, load testing was 100 yards off the truck roof so not bad but not bench rested!! . Best powder weight 4 shot group was .31" and 2 were .51 and .52, no signs of pressure at all so could have gone higher but the .31" (41.5 gr from memory) should give 3185 fps according to QL which is enough for my purposes. Obviously what's safe in my rifle (hoaw varmint, 24" barrel) may not be in yours so work up etc. but looks promising, harvest is under way so will get to try on Fox soon hopefully. Only down side is feed wasn't always great, due to the wide hollow point and short COAL. (2.6") but if I didn't work the bolt too slowly fed fine. By all accounts the 100 gr are equally accurate and devastating!

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