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  1. 1sakonut

    Anschutz 1417 Stock

    Hi , Give the gun shop MAY OF LONDON A CALL THEY HAVE ONE
  2. 1sakonut

    looking for help

    Hi Dave , you say that clean the barrel before each comp but do you have time between each relay to give the barrel a clean this may or may not effect you groups but it’s worth a try.
  3. Hi re-Pete, if you email me your details I will arrange payment.
  4. 1sakonut

    Polished scope rings

    Hello gents , Looking for a pair of 30mm low scope rings Kelby type polished to fit on a Davidson rail, thanks for looking.
  5. 1sakonut


    Thank you
  6. 1sakonut


    Hello gents , As anyone had any dealings with Ripley air rifles, I have trying to contact them by the number on there web site it rings then go to answer phone, just wondered if they are on there holidays.
  7. Hi been trying to email you but there seems to be a problem please call me on 07966141684
  8. Hi , have you tried Brian fox at fox firearms .
  9. 1sakonut


    Hello gents , Does any body have a quad rail handguard for sale , idealy 12” or slightly longer to fit into aSGC receiver. thanks for looking.
  10. 1sakonut

    Big thank you

    Hi, Just want to say a thank you Neil Mckillop for my latest rifle build, it has taken a while t to do but at first impressions I think it worth the wait,Also thanks to the guys at hydro graphics great work on the stock, rifle spec- BORDEN RIMROCK ACTION LEFT LOAD, RIGHT EJECT,RIGHT BOLT, KRIGER BENCHREST PROFILE BARREL 1/14 twist, 20” long Jewel Benchrest trigger , Chambered in 6 mm br no neck turn, Stock dipped in silver carbon fiber/ candy apple red over the top. The pictures don’t do it justice and group was the first shoot after it was zeroed. Cheers Neil.
  11. 1sakonut

    Lapua case

    Hi re-Pete , This was the only one out 100 that has this fault , never seen this before.
  12. 1sakonut

    Lapua case

    Hi , Just resized some fireformed 6 mm br cases, these were brand new cases straight out of the box de burred , primed , filled with 30 grns of vit 133, using a 68 grn berger bullet. I have used this load for many years never had any issues. There is a hole in the shoulder and a crack line wish runs up the neck, as anybody seen this before .
  13. 1sakonut

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Hi Al, will be in touch
  14. 1sakonut

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Hi Al, if you can wait a couple of weeks , you can have a look a silver carbon fiber with candy red over it , its at hydro graphics at the moment, same action as yours but in 6 br.

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