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  1. Hi been trying to email you but there seems to be a problem please call me on 07966141684
  2. Hi , have you tried Brian fox at fox firearms .
  3. 1sakonut


    Hello gents , Does any body have a quad rail handguard for sale , idealy 12” or slightly longer to fit into aSGC receiver. thanks for looking.
  4. 1sakonut

    Big thank you

    Hi, Just want to say a thank you Neil Mckillop for my latest rifle build, it has taken a while t to do but at first impressions I think it worth the wait,Also thanks to the guys at hydro graphics great work on the stock, rifle spec- BORDEN RIMROCK ACTION LEFT LOAD, RIGHT EJECT,RIGHT BOLT, KRIGER BENCHREST PROFILE BARREL 1/14 twist, 20” long Jewel Benchrest trigger , Chambered in 6 mm br no neck turn, Stock dipped in silver carbon fiber/ candy apple red over the top. The pictures don’t do it justice and group was the first shoot after it was zeroed. Cheers Neil.
  5. 1sakonut

    Lapua case

    Hi re-Pete , This was the only one out 100 that has this fault , never seen this before.
  6. 1sakonut

    Lapua case

    Hi , Just resized some fireformed 6 mm br cases, these were brand new cases straight out of the box de burred , primed , filled with 30 grns of vit 133, using a 68 grn berger bullet. I have used this load for many years never had any issues. There is a hole in the shoulder and a crack line wish runs up the neck, as anybody seen this before .
  7. 1sakonut

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Hi Al, will be in touch
  8. 1sakonut

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Hi Al, if you can wait a couple of weeks , you can have a look a silver carbon fiber with candy red over it , its at hydro graphics at the moment, same action as yours but in 6 br.
  9. 1sakonut

    IMR 4166

    Thanks Laurie, was told about N150 , at the moment I use 30.5grn of Varget which gives some good results can’t give you any velocities never run them through a chronograph but had some good and constant groups.
  10. 1sakonut

    IMR 4166

    Good morning, like a lot of us on this forum I am looking for a replacement for VARGET powder which I use in my 6 BR to drive 105 bergers has anybody tried the IMR 4166 powder , I have been told it is a good alternative to Varget but have not found any load data for this as of yet . Thanks in advance for your help. Steve.
  11. Hi, some time ago there was a post regarding a gun smith , I think his name was Simon , he used to fit adjustable combs on shotguns and rifles, can anybody let me have is contact details . thanks for any help with this matter. ATB steve
  12. Hi Mr Dustin, is the minigator still for sale , if it is I’ll take it please, ATB steve
  13. Hi , 

    if you still want a joypod give Brian fox a call he is supposed to be get a few next week.


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