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  1. IMR 4166

    Thanks Laurie, was told about N150 , at the moment I use 30.5grn of Varget which gives some good results can’t give you any velocities never run them through a chronograph but had some good and constant groups.
  2. IMR 4166

    Good morning, like a lot of us on this forum I am looking for a replacement for VARGET powder which I use in my 6 BR to drive 105 bergers has anybody tried the IMR 4166 powder , I have been told it is a good alternative to Varget but have not found any load data for this as of yet . Thanks in advance for your help. Steve.
  3. Hi, some time ago there was a post regarding a gun smith , I think his name was Simon , he used to fit adjustable combs on shotguns and rifles, can anybody let me have is contact details . thanks for any help with this matter. ATB steve
  4. Hi Mr Dustin, is the minigator still for sale , if it is I’ll take it please, ATB steve
  5. Hi , 

    if you still want a joypod give Brian fox a call he is supposed to be get a few next week.

  6. Joe west stock inlet and bedded by Neil mckillop for a SAKO 75 number 3 action, excellent condition , complete with single shot tray made by Neil. £600 posted .
  7. Scope and bipod not included in the sale sorry
  8. For sale, SAKO 6MM PPC USA. 24” pacnor barrel, 14x1 thread. twist - 1-14, MAE MODERATOR, 30 Sako rings, 100 new Norma cases, 100 once fired , all work done by Neil Mckillop. £1200. Also for sale is my Joe west stock for the above rifle perfect condition with a single shot try. All work done by Neil Mckillop. £ 600 insured postage included. Photos sent by email on request
  9. Stock wanted, Savage 12 F/TR

    Hello, Give joe west stocks a try.
  10. Benchrest stock for sale, inlet for stolle panda right bolt action , good condition . 300pounds posted.
  11. Borden .243

    Very nice can't wait to get my new bench rifle from him if that's any thing to go by, Good luck with it.

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