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  1. As per the title with Tier One High picatinny rings and Tier One Bubble level. Boxed and very good condition. Will be sent RMSD on cleared funds. £1775.00
  2. Malinois

    Wanted 34mm scope med mounts

    I could possibly be interested in a high pair. Ian
  3. Malinois

    Accuracy International Side Rail Wanted

    How much?
  4. Hi, as per the title. Same stock as pictured below. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0358/7913/products/AT308_-1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1479311193
  5. Have a bump. As a left hooker this has just come at the wrong time for me otherwise I would have bought it as a project to have it rebarrelled in something 6mm. Good luck. If circumstances change I’ll have it Regards. Ian
  6. Malinois

    Wilson Trimmer Micrometer.

    Basically I have the trimmer but I would like to add the micrometer. Any for sale???
  7. Malinois

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    That is a fantastic reply
  8. Malinois

    CZ 452 Pictinny Rail

    I have just emailed Kinneys as I have a CZ452 Left hand ejection. It seems they are the only people who do them 3/8". Ian
  9. As per the title if available please? Regards Ian
  10. As per the title thanks. Preferably with the straight decapping pin and not just the expander. Cheers Ian
  11. Mint condition. Mil 1 reticle wih 1/8 MOA capped turrets. Second focal plane. No box as it came on a rifle I bought. Only used for range work. Superb clear glass. Please PM with email for pics. £925.00 or nearest offer. Buyer can collect or RMSD. Ian

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